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Do you go to a gym?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by do1frood, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. What music do they play there? LA Fitness could do with an overhaul of the tunes it plays on Fitness TV or somesuch.
  2. Not exactly a gym, but the climbing wall I go to has started using Spotify to stream music, which is pretty cool. It means that whoever's working the desk gets to create their own playlist, so you get various different styles of music on different days.

    Last week I persuaded them to playlist CSS, Little Boots, Roisin Murphy and, erm, Kim Wilde (You keep me hangin' on, as you ask)
  3. There is too much crappy pop trance on LA Fitness tv YUK
  4. Yes - Fitness FIrst... I take my iPod and o my own 'iGym' playlists... the video screens jsut rotate a mixture of pop and dance, as it should be. I think it's their own channel but they have 6 screens all showing something different (music, news, sport) and all the machine have a headphone socket so you can plug in and pick a channel... so I guess my gym is alright.
  5. And have you ever been in without hearing at least 3 Robyn songs every half hour. Not that there's anything wrong with Robyn but when the playlist goes Robyn - Basshunters - Robyn - Cascada - Robyn - Some page 3 girl miming to trance - Rihanna - Robyn it gets a bit much.

    I take MP3 and play Skunk Anansie to get me through 5 miles.
  6. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I go to Fitness First and they play a lot of faceless trance and lots of Sash! and occasionally I'll see something really weird, like 'Walk This Way' or 'No Can Do', two songs that weren't even released in Australia.
  7. because of where i work, i get to go to one of the more exclusive hotel gyms in melbourne on the cheap, but the music is usually pretty dire. kylie remix overkill. robyn? i wish! they have a nice wham!/george compilation that gets a gig sometimes, and i tend to draw funny looks when i get carried away singing along to father figure in the changeroom.

    i have a shuffle (aka homomixtape) which does the trick nicely.

    they play skunk anansie in my spin class sometimes. i initially typed skin class, then realised what i did... anyway, sometimes she plays echo beach and sleeper's cover of atomic, which i always appreciate.
  8. Is it wrong that I'm considering joining a gym so I can justify buying a new iPod Shuffle?
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Not wrong, but if you don't join the gym you can probably buy it from the money you save.
  10. I love the music at LA fitness! you get all the new stuff plus random old stuff. The other day 'in my pocket' by Mandy Moore came on. I was soooo excited!
  11. it's certainly on my mixtape!!
  12. I don't go to a gym....but I should!
  13. Most irritating thing at the moment: the U2 Blackberry ad AAAAGHHH not again!
  14. if you'd have stopped your sentence after U2 i would still be in complete agreement.
  15. My gym only plays Now 73. Nothing like getting changed to po-po-po-poker face...
  16. You should all go to Body Pump classes.

    Now that involves some good music!!
  17. No I don't go to a gym. I just don't have the motivation.

  18. Ooh, amazing! It's the best Now in ages.
  19. thats the problem!
  20. I know it is. I should be more motivated to exercise and keep healthy...
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