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Do you still own CDs?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bonnieetclyde, Apr 14, 2019 at 9:47 PM.

  1. It's funny because I do exactly the same. It gives me so much joy to buy the singles I wanted as a teen and give them a shiny new case. I discover "new" B-sides all the time and it's a great supplement to the albums I've loved for years.

    I bought a white Denon CD player a year ago, and even though it was expensive, it was worth it. I enjoy listening to the actual CDs and not just import them to my hard drive (like I did before).
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  2. I gave away a few to charity shops over the years, but I still own probably around 700-1000 CD's, including albums and singles. There's just something sentimental about them that I can't seem to give up, even if I never use them anymore. Lots of memories from my childhood.
  3. A fine choice! I love my Denon, it makes everything sound better.
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  4. Nope. Used to have some in case my files were deleted, but I’m not concerned now that we have streaming.
  5. I've got a Denon too!
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  6. I use Spotify and YouTube but I still love to buy CDs the last one being Claire Richards.

    As some have mentioned above I also love going into charity shops now and then looking for CD singles that I never got as a kid. Some of them could do with new cases but I can’t seem to find the right CD single jewel cases anywhere.

    I think DVDs are the most pointless physical format these days but I love buying steelbooks or rare box sets.
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  7. I've been streaming since 2009 and gave my modest CD collection to charity in 2011. The only thing I don't do is use my phone to listen to music in the car for whatever reason, so I'll often pick up big releases on CD at the supermarket or pick up oldies in Poundworld just to keep in the car.
  8. Yes! I find this too which is why I stick to individual tracks or mini albums at a push on iTunes. I find it harder to "get to know" an album I download and do think I'll probably forget about it eventually/it will all blur into one in my iTunes library. I do try and make individual lists of any albums I do download now to see if that helps. A few albums I bought from iTunes in the last year were so good I've ended up buying second hand physical copies.
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  9. CD single jewel cases are very easy to find online. Make sure you use the word "maxi" if you keep coming up with "single album" cases.
  10. I like having physical copies of my favourite albums - either new releases of old faves that I have the rest of their stuff, or just my favourite new albums. But the last few years this has mainly amounted to around 5 per year, Christmas gifts and stuff like that, and I'm getting more into vinyl now so the amount of new CDs I get will probably dwindle even more because as a purely physical format records are kind of more appealing. I also have a really old car which has a CD player but no aux/usb/bluetooth.

    I've also bought CDs to get particular songs or versions of songs I've not been able to find to download legally (or illegally in HQ - i.e. not a YouTube rip) - usually remixes, for example Madonna singles (I've got hundreds of M remixes at this point in full quality), which I rip to my iTunes library to add to my iPhone with all the rest of my music.

    I've still got hundreds of CDs in storage though which I need to sort through - I bought them as a teenager all the time - but I'll probably keep most of them tbh because I just like physical media. I'm finally gonna sort out a decent hifi setup this summer and it's gonna include a CD player for sure.

    I'm pretty similar when it comes to films, but will only buy Blu-rays not DVDs, and as with music don't blind buy, everything I watch either legally or illegally first and buy if it's something that I really like.
  11. Me too, i like having physical copies of my fave records too....

    I had a mini clear out only about a month or so ago and checked every single one and decided if i still wanted to keep it or not, kept about 80%!
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  12. I used to buy CDs quite religiously, and Friday afternoon Release Day trips to Sunrise/Walmart/HMV were some of my favourite memories. It took me quite a while to jump on the streaming bandwagon, as I used to feel as though I “owned” my music when I had a physical CD, but I never played the CDs themselves. It was a habit I grew out of rather quickly considering I had quite the collection, but I ended up donating the vast majority of them. I kept maybe 20 CDs of albums that are of monumental importance, hold a special place in my heart, or are simply by some of my favourite artists. But I can guarantee I’ll never buy a CD again.
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  13. I used to love Monday releases here in the UK. I'd dread Monday's at work and then when I was done I'd take myself off to HMV and usually make a few CD/DVD purchases, which always made Monday's more appealing.

    The best day was probably when Natalie Imbruglia's 'White Lilies Island' and 'Britney' were both out on the same day! Very exciting.
  14. I still have my cd collection of all the albums I bought through the years, most of them are stacked at my parents' house. Currently, I only buy cds of my faves. I never actually play them, but I love having a physical copy, especially if it's a deluxe edition, or just looks really nice and pretty.
  15. I do own CDs, I have a huge collection. When it comes to my favorite artists, I really enjoy having a physical “piece of work”, and the whole ritual of opening up a CD, taking off the plastic, it’s just magical to me. Always buy them.
  16. I don't even own anything that could play a CD.
    I have one CD - it's the Kate Bush/Before The Dawn album.

    Someone I used to work with got it for my birthday. It was a great present, but I felt bad because I didn't have anything to listen to it on.

    I don't have any DVDs either. I kinda hate clutter which is what CDs and DVDs are to me now as everything I listen to is on Spotify and everything I want to watch is on Netflix/iPlayer/PopcornTime.
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