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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. I'm more into the internet critics side of Youtube (like Lindsay Ellis or Casey Aonso). One of my personal favorite is probably D'Angelo Wallace. His content are great and he is more daring to critique many topics than the usual Youtuber (critiquing Shane Dawson stupid documentary / K-pop stans denial ? whew chile). Also the editing is nice, he is charismatic and funny enough to make the discussion not too boring (and he is pretty cute too)

    For meme-y / sh*tposting content, this talent needs more subs dd

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  2. I got to work with her last year and you should be happy to know she was the nicest and ridiculously funny IRL
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  3. Found via BeingNormal...I'm screaming

  4. This YouTuber is amazing, oh my god, her name is Chi With a C. I love her.

    No shade to Dua Lipa at all but this video is so funny. She nails everything with her deadpan faces.

    On other videos She also makes the mentally unhinged victims of X Factor look good and the judges look bad.

    Likewise I love this guy Mike's Mic:

  5. I followed D'Angelo's daily video channel and oh my god, i'm obsessed with his videos. And every day it's just a totally different topic.

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  6. I am obsessed with Micarah Tewer's content. It's so bonkers.

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  7. Is Trisha Paytas......... okay?
    Like why do none of her friends help her get help?

    Anthony Padilla makes pretty decent videos where he interviews people that have a thing in common that is often mischaracterized or misunderstood (ie, professional cuddlers, VSCO girls, psychics, e-boys/e-girls, etc. etc.) and he did a video with people that have Multiple Personality Disorder, or what is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. One of the subjects of the video actually makes her own youtube videos in which she talks about the disorder, she shares her different alternate identities, etc. It's occasionally educational, it's "normalizing the disorder", but it's also a little bit attention seeking AS MOST things on Youtube are anyways. But, seemingly harmless I suppose?

    Trisha made a video replying to Anthony's video in which Trisha calls this girl out and calls her crazy and a fake.
    Then that girl responds, upset and disheartened that someone would react like this.
    Then Trisha responds to "reveal that she, too, actually has Dissociative Identity Disorder" and that she is "Self-diagnosing", and etc. etc.
    The girl responds to that saying that she is spreading misinformation.
    And now Trisha is crying in videos because the girl is "Bullying her online" and "Using my name in video titles".

    Like. WHAT.
    I know Trisha is known for pretending to have/be x,y,z. She said she was trans last year, for example.
    Why does no one get this poor girl some help?
  8. Brandon Rogers is hilarious
    Zachary Campbell
  9. This is amazing. Combining Suspiria with Wendy, oh my god, wow. Rabbit hole
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  10. Oh my god this is the best video I have ever seen.
  11. This thread gave me vernonator6497 and I am forever grateful.

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  12. I'm not even into makeup or fashion but I love watching Patricia Bright.
    She's just incredibly watchable.

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  13. I love that he's "going after" that vile Shallon Lester.

  14. Did anyone used to watch Carlkr on YouTube? He was one of the big LGBT teen vloggers about ten years ago. He moved to NYC to attend NYU but ended up dropping out. The circumstances were all very unusual and he now appears to just take photos of himself travelling on IG.

    He seemed a confused old soul as a teen and he always seems a little bit lost everytime he 'returns' to YouTube. I hope he's OK.

    I did some research once and found some PIPING hot tea about some family drama that involved someone dying but nothing else.

    Every few years he makes these big "I'M BACK!" announcement videos but never keeps it up. I

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  15. I'm a recent admirer of the comedic talent of Mike's Mic after a friend sent me this video on Future Nostalgia:

    He recreated one of my all-time favourite viral videos - I have to stan

    This video was in my 'Recommended' section so I clicked on it out of curiosity and there was no turning back:

    If you like shitposting videos compiled of clips from British reality TV shows, then ryxn is for you. Some other examples:

  16. John MacLean is fascinating.

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  18. I discovered iJustine the other day. I watched a video where she unboxes a MacPro.
    I think the whole thing came to like $20000 or more.
    I just felt very poor the whole time.
  19. Cluam Sutherland is my favorite vlogger. Loved her for a few years but been re-watching a bunch of her videos during quar, she doesn't upload super frequently but this is her latest.

    "If I were to whip out my resume of past employment and jobs I'd be willing to do again, I think I'd acutally be placed on a no-fly list rather than granted a visa"
  20. I accidentally found Dylan Is In Trouble, been binging ever since and fallen in love a little.

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