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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. What a disgusting person Shane Dawson is
  2. I’m over all these YouTubers, they’re all toxic.
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  3. D'Angelo Wallace's video on Shane Dawson (and the previous one he did on Jeffree Star) is...honestly, kind of precendent-setting? Commentary YouTube has been around for a bit now, but the gravitas in this is something I'm not sure I've seen on this level up to this point. It's immaculately researched, and not an easy watch, but extremely well done.
  4. He's fabulous.
    It's nice to see him getting more popular.
    He took a bit of a break from youtube for like a month or two and then decided he was only going to do quality videos instead of a quantity of videos and it's really paying off.
    But last month he launched a weekly podcast and only ended up putting out one episode so far because these videos have sucked up so much of his time, so I guess he's still trying to find some balance. But i'm excited to see his Tati video. But I think the Shane one will be the most thorough. Even the Jeffree Star one missed soo many details whereas the Shane one really said "Let me show you every single thing"
  5. I think I could watch him talk about anything all day long.
  6. I mainly stick to art youtubers. Chloe Rose Art and Jazza (DILF) are my main go to people. Superraedizzle is also great
  7. With Jenna Marbles off the platform I’ve really lost all drive to watch YouTube. Just watch news there every now and then, and the odd trailer.

  8. i'm so addicted to her channel
  9. Once in a while, I strangely get recommandations that feel 100% catered to me and this is one of them

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  10. I've been getting to a lot of Virtual YouTubers recently. Some of my faves are Korone Inugami, Usada Pekora & Kiryu Coco. Most of them are primarily in Japanese, though several clips have English subtitles. Korone is my absolute fave.


  11. The way i yelped
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  12. Speaking of Danganronpa

    Talented, brilliant, amazing, show-stopping, etc.
  13. Not gonna lie, I smiled when I saw this vid popping up in my subscriptions

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  14. Shoes was one of the first ever viral videos and it’s still incredible
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  15. I winced a little bit realizing Shoes is nearly 15 years old! This is really great though.
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  16. This girl's journey is so amazing to watch. I think she managed to break YT's algorithm and is gaining a lot viewers. So refreshing from the usual 'fake' mukbangers amidst all that scandal.
  17. I’m sad.

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  18. ... Yikes. That poor guy. He thinks he got help but. (sigh) It just makes me sad we live in a world where people are led astray like this. Queer people deserve better than to be manipulated like this.
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  19. I have a Twitter account called PopUnderrated and recently ventured into doing some YouTube videos.

    Not quite sure how comfortable I am in doing these or being in front of the camera so we shall see how long I go on for.
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  20. I fell into a reactions spiral, and ended up on this:

    I, like Gen X Rewind, love an uplifting song and video about someone that REALLY wants to dive, but girl...
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