Do you watch YouTubers?

I fell into a reactions spiral, and ended up on this:

I, like Gen X Rewind, love an uplifting song and video about someone that REALLY wants to dive, but girl...

What the fuck wasn’t obvious about that video’s narrative though I can’t.

Plus, she’s giving me huge my-mother-trying-to-force-bands-like-Led-Zeppelin-and-The-Grateful-Dead-down-my-throat-while-giving-essays-in-the-kitchen-wriggling-ha-body-around vibes.

I’m so hatewatching her now.
I just watch nerdy yet attractive guys speedrun games and PDR for japanese cultural commentary....and dead meat for horror recaps (cuz honestly besides the classics I rely on his kill counts instead of actually watching movies these days)
A friend and I started our own YouTube channel a month ago - we are always discussing and reviewing music whenever we talk anyway so why not film it and also make it a creative hobby?

I feel like a lot of the music review/reaction channels lack in-depth analysis so we wanted to add to the more interesting ones...

Our "DISCO" review has actually done pretty well... let me know what you think and if you have any constructive criticism!

Is there any UK YouTuber that makes videos of Top 10 best/worst hit songs of the year lists, like Todd In The Shadows, Sean Fay Wolfe, Lyzette G. et al, but with the UK charts?
This one is for the gaymer girls. I adore Joseph Andersons deep dives. He is funny, critical without being annoying. He always pays great attention to detalis and has the best voice ever. For example his Witcher 2 review lasts 5 hour but like it so thorough. I also heavily recommend his What Remains of Edith Finch review for the girls who played it. It is pretty chilling.

I mainly watch cooking channels because I have no life or interests besides food and I absolutely love Alison Roman from NY Times Cooking. She relaunched her standalone YouTube this week with a great recipe for meatballs so I highly recommend her.
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