Do you watch YouTubers?

Her coming out video is one of the most stunning things I've seen on YouTube in ages.

I've watched this twice now and I just about hold it together until the moment where

Abigail flips ContraPoints' joke about feeling like shit to say "I feel happy"

And then I instantly dissolve into a puddle of tears.

Her statement video specifically regarding trans rights in the UK is a must watch too:

I am stanning Abigail's commitment to theatricality. I half expected a full-on regeneration sequence in her coming out video ddd
Claire Saffitz is the only one, for me at least, who is managing to capture that pre-pandemic Bon Appetit magic (probably helps that she enlisted former BA talent Vinnie):

Even Chris Morocco's newest BA videos just leave me kind of cold (and he used to be a favourite.)
Dan & Phil are back with a twice weekly live podcast on Stereo and it's really enjoyable, not just for nostalgia value - the content feels more mature and authentic than it perhaps has been in the past.

Just started watching this Uncle Roger character - he is pretty funny, lots of digs at Jamie Oliver and he mostly critiques people cooking fried rice(?!)

Just started watching this Uncle Roger character - he is pretty funny, lots of digs at Jamie Oliver and he mostly critiques people cooking fried rice(?!)

This is hilarious, thanks for sharing and Uncle Roger has got himself a new subscriber!
Sometimes I think about how my relationship with the internet has evolved since I started being extremely online (way too) young. As somebody who is an outsider to all this fandom stuff, all the stories and personal experiences Sarah Z is retelling are fascinating, but also rough. This video is about so much more than what the title implies though. She covers many important topics such as discourse, online harassment, parasocial relationships, fiction versus reality, moral compass, tying your personality to your likes and dislikes to an extreme degree, among others. Overall, she focuses on the broader problems with online interaction and I found the subject too illuminating not to share it here.


Helen Rennie is my new favourite cooking youtuber. Rather than just regurgitating recipes, she seems to focus more on giving tips and techniques to make you a better home cook. Highly recommend.
I’m not a big fan of YouTubers because a lot of my work involved working with influencers for over five years, but I’ll occasionally watch Twitch and had my favorite streamer when I dedicated more time to it.

today I went back online to check this beta update to the game I play the most and was happy to see said streamer was online. I was still working so wasn’t paying too much attention, but I was extremely bothered by how he was speaking and how horribly he was playing, it felt to me like a stupid attempt at making light of someone with a handicap, or like he was pretending to be drunk. When an hour went by and work slowed down he still was having this weird behavior so I decided to Google him to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Come to find out he had a stroke last year, and has been diagnosed with ALS and now has a very limited life expectancy. I can’t even describe how upset that made me, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I am so fond of him, and he’s slowly losing his ability to do the thing he loves, and is literally dying in front of our eyes.

I am so heartbroken and disturbed, I needed to vent because I don’t think I’ve experienced a situation like this one and we’re probably around the same age.


Not creator-related but I’ve just got YouTube Premium for like £2 a month by signing up using a VPN set to India. Pretty chuffed