Do you watch YouTubers?

The only thing YouTube-adjacent I've ever fangirled over were these two icons. The lady (Nicole Sebastian) was on an episode of I Love New York and the amount of life I used to get from her existence nourished and strengthened my body.

Hands down my favorite Internet video of all time. Expert Village queens.
Used to watch PewDiePie when he was funny but not to often :p
ThatDangDad is an underappreciated leftie channel. It's run by an LG(B)T man, former police officer and ex-Christian who is now a police and prison abolitionist. He keeps it under half an hour, and has a calm demeanor and almost ASMR-ish quality. Also produces his own music and is easy on the eyes!

Not sure if it's been posted but I love José's videos, such interesting viewings. I was always aware of these shows (but never watched).