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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. I guess they'd put it on their CV as self-employed, and their skills would be things like video editing, graphic design, etc so it can work out well. But, I think the hardest thing they'll struggle with is actual day-to-day life, and the responsibilities that come with holding down a regular job. They're all very far removed from the relatable girl/boy next door, best friend, vibe they like to portray and have very few responsibilities in their lives compared to someone else their age. Watching the daily vlogs of the YouTube elite like Alfie and Zoella can be really eye opening when you compare them to their "main channel" videos.
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  2. A lot of the bigger YouTubers like Zoella and Joey Graceffa are making 8 figures that, if invested, can have them 'set' for life.

    There's plenty of smaller YouTubers that do YouTube for a a little money on the side and then go to uni, etc.
  3. Ugh I used to watch Phillip Defranco all the time until he became too anti-pc/dumb white guy for me to handle.
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  4. My boyfriend's cousin has a pretty low-key Youtube channel (the videos are mostly awful, typical day in the life of a twink nonsense but I realise I'm not the key demographic) but turns around and charges £500 a day producing videos for companies. I find the whole thing entirely vapid and dull but it's not a bad way to make a living.

    Scream why do I sound so bitter
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  5. I used to watch a lot of them a couple years ago, but now I just watch Liza Koshy (she's fantastic and hilarious, everyone should watch her), her boyfriend David Dobrik and a couple brazilian ones
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  6. The world of YouTubers is some kind of parallel universe for me. However, I like some of Connor Franta's and some of Will Derbyshire's videos a lot…
  7. I'm a little obsessed with watching Tami Dunn videos. She's this probably mid-50's Trump-voting mum from Kentucky that just loves trying candy and other kinds of food from around the world. It's kind of my calming place to go when I feel stressed, because I have anorexia (sorry to go so deep, but whatever) and I find it comforting watching others eat. Plus she's just adorable, she gets so excitable over the littlest things.

    Trisha Paytas sitting on her kitchen floor crying just gets too much sometimes.
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  8. For my gamer Youtube needs, it's Caddicarus and Brutalmoose all the way, the former for humorous purposes and the latter for the more informative angle. I also love Ashens - if you don't know him, he does reviews of crappy Poundland stuff and knockoff toys, and occasionally, nasty food. The guy's pretty hilarious. (A personal favourite.) I still watch Anthony Fantano sometimes, but I don't think he's as good as he was a few years back. Trying too hard to turn himself into a meme nowadays.
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  9. Ashens kills me. His whole chicken in a can video was horrifyingly amazing.
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  11. This is very true. One YouTuber I stumbled across dropped out of school just to become famous on social media. I'm not one to judge but I really don't think making decisions like that at 15/16 years old is a wise idea.
  12. I don't watch YouTubers but I've worked with a lot of them. My favorite is by far Liza Koshy, love her to death.
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  13. These days I only really watch two smaller YouTubers (DearSeoul and The Milk Club), and that's mostly because they both seem genuinely sweet, unlike some of the more popular ones who I feel are only in it for the money. A while ago I was more or less obsessed with That Poppy's channel, too, but recently she's been going in circles. I also used to like Miranda Sings' videos a lot but now I'm very much over her.
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  14. Yeah, Miranda Sings was good for a while, but I think the character has run it's course now.

    The Netflix series is a great way to extend the shelf life a little bit, with a team of writers behind the character and building a world for her, but it doesn't offer anything new and goes round in circles with the same jokes and that gets boring and predictable so I don't think it'll last beyond Series 2 which is coming soon.

    It'd be great to see Colleen venture into other characters rather than relying on Miranda and seeing if she can offer anything else as a comedian in that sense but I don't suppose she has any real need to do so.
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  15. I love to hate watch Zoella and Alfie (#Zalfie lol) from time to time. They're the epitome of insufferability to me, but I find them so interesting at the same time. Especially the girl / guy next door shit they present. I bet they hate their fans behind closed doors.

    Jeffree Star is a messy bitch but I low key live for it. And MannyMUA was cute for a while before I got annoyed at how fast he talks. I love drag shows and makeup tutorials in general actually. I think I've watched Trixie's makeup tutorial on WoW at least a dozen times. And UNHhh goes without saying.

    I unashamedly still love Jenna Marbles, particularly the podcast she has with her boyfriend. I think it's kinda refreshing that their content is so subversive from the daily sponsored vlog shit a lot of UK YouTubers do. Joe Sugg and Oli White's crowd are horrendously OTT PC and child friendly. Like they don't even swear in fear of advertisers pulling out from sponsoring their channels. Conor Maynard and his brother actively make me sick.

    Who knew I had so many opinions, ha.
  16. I really like Charlieissocoollike but find his content unpalatable, if that makes sense. Wish he'd make videos on topics I actually care about.
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  17. He doesn't post videos very often now, does he? Or maybe I've missed them. I'm also not too interested in his new science based videos, but I find his enthusiasm for it engaging.
  18. Yeah, I think he basically got sick of it all and now just does it when it's something really appealing to him (ie, science, or some short movie he made) and, at a guess, to make a bob here and there.
  19. i love the dark murder mystery/fucked up/scary/paranormal videos and i don't really know why. other than that i mainly stick to Katya and Trixies web show and Willam's beatdown but occasionally ironically watch the big you tubers and regret it immediately.
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  20. I came to post this. This is the only channel other than WowPresents that I watch religiously.
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