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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. I literally just watch UHHHHn*n and Fashion Photo Ruview. Words can't express just how much I love the former.

    The idea of watching vacuous non-entities and talentless monstrosities like Tyler Oakley and Zoella makes me want to gouge my fucking eyes out. Maybe it's because I'm an old bitch who doesn't 'get' vlogging but both of those two really do irk me.
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  2. Getting blocked by Tyler Oakley after he vanity searched and found my tweet asking what the point of him was remains one of my proudest moments.
  3. She's still amazing!
  4. I like Matt + Blue a lot but I'm not entirely sure if they count as "Youtubers."
  5. I once beat Nerimon at Halo 3 and he started shouting abuse at me over the internet. I told him his videos were average and then he blocked me.
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  6. The only Youtubers I tend to watch regularly are Cody Ko and Shanna Malcolm. But only because neither of them make vlogs.
  7. kal


    I religiously follow Buzzfeed's Worth It series, (mainly the food ones) and still watch most of the REACT videos. Because I'm white trash.

    For my scientific needs I follow KurzGesagt, Minute Physics, SciShow and The SlowMo Guys.

    I also still like Poppy.

    And I know this won't go down well here but I watch Lauren Southern's vlogs because it's nice to not get all your information on touchy, yet important topics just from one side of the spectrum.
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  8. I use YouTube mostly for the Honest (Game/Movie) Trailers and the odd science channel, but I have a game channel that I love to death called Outside Xbox. I have never owned an Xbox in my life.

    KurzGesagt is great, but are you aware of Wait But Why? It's a blog, not an YouTube channel, and it's pretty taxing to read 10k+ words-long posts, but all of the science-oriented ones range from amazing to mindblowingly incredible.
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  9. kal


    No, and I'm not sure if my mental capacity is up to those standards.

    Read: I'm a bit lazy.
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  10. I completely understand, but Tim's posts are so enrapturing I usually sit down to read one and blink two hours away without feeling.
  11. I've been addicted to Buzzfeed's Unsolved series for the past few weeks, I've watched all of the episodes now. Worth It is also excellent.
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  12. Well, wait a minute, did you @ him in your comment?
  13. Popping in to echo the communitychannel stanning I saw a couple pages back. The only YouTuber I've ever really regularly watched. Okay, and Trisha Paytas when I want to feel better about myself.
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  14. Trisha Paytas. Even if she doesn't intend it to be, it's performance art. I like how half the things she says are completely made up and it's hard to discern what's real and what's not.

    Also I miss the very early days of YouTube with people like lonelygirl15, brookers (these two were both the most subscribed on YouTube at one point, crazy no one remembers them now) and thewinekone, but like with any platform, the early creative types who adopt and innovate on a platform are totally different from the vultures who swoop in later to make money. It seems like the characteristics that drive people into new platforms (artistic creative types) aren't the same as the characteristics that are conducive to monetizing their work.
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  15. I've gone through phases of watching a lot of the popular ones and the only one I still watch is Joe Sugg because he's one of the only ones who comes across as down to earth and grounded.
  16. I just worked with Joey Graceffa and he was a total dream. His boyfriend and him are the nicest, total couple goals.
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  17. The Youtubers I subscribe to now only seem to make videos every once in awhile now.

    Many of them are active on Instagram and Instagram Stories.
  18. That's nice to hear. He always seems nice enough, but sometimes plays up to this sort of bratty persona, it's difficult to know sometimes what he's really like. I don't want his videos much now - they're stale - but I did watch him a lot early on and then again when he came out.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. oh no, haha. Know something I don't?
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