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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

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  2. It's coming:
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  3. This Austin Jones mess is scary as hell.
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  4. Right? There's been lots if instances like this within the YouTube and social media field. I think the boundaries between fan and creator become so mixed at times, and that kind of personal and often private interaction with creators can be dangerous for young people sometimes.
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  5. Joey Graceffa is the worst.
  6. FailArmy
    BigDawsTv (he's so hot)
    Mr. Nightmare (sexy voice)

    And a few more.
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  7. rewind is coming :)

  8. I watch alot of Beauty Gurus and I'm mesmerised by the trifecta drama between Jefree, Manny and LauraLee that's currently ongoing - those who follow them would know. To think that this started as far back as Nikkietutorials, Too Faced, Tati and Nikita Dragun and Jefree's boyfriend's brother is just all very reality TV show type of tea. But yeah I watch those Beauty Guru channels.

    And then there are the boys that I kinda watch for the kiis like Pewdiepie, Josh Leyva and Tal from Reaction Time. I kinda like Ajay Reactions too when she's on point she can be. Like her love for all things Del Rey.
  9. Ajay seems like a genuinely lovely, warm person, and her reactions are good fun. However, I think she's kinda backed herself into a corner where she kept upping and upping her intensity of good reactions to the point where it's coming off a bit insincere at points, but she can't now really regress and tone it down, as this is kind of now 'her brand'.

    Also, she receives great feedback because she doesn't ever really criticise anything now, thus not putting herself in the firing line of potential fans disagreeing with her - if there's a track on the album she doesn't like, she'll just say, 'Hmm, not quite feeling this one as much - it still bops, and I'd definitely listen to it on a full run-through, but I wouldn't actively pick it out'. Or words to that effect. And that's kind of a cop out.
  10. They’re all so horrendously unwatchable but I live for the drama of it all. Laura Lee is offensive at best. I really like Thomas Halbert, beauty-wise actually.
  11. I LIVE for the fact that you know who they are! I think all of them are vile, except for Nikkietutorials and PROBABLY Patrick Starr but I'm sure that's debatable.

    Did you hear or do you know about the recent Kuckian dramz?
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  12. No??? He’s the most annoying out of them all tbh but he’s good for finding out the gossip haha. I don’t mind Nikkie and Patrick but they’re low key annoying so I don’t watch them.
  13. They are all absolutely terrible.
  14. Only queen Jenna.
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  15. Rewind is here... We did it!

  16. Delete the Internet.
  17. I just stumbled across Travis Bryant, he seems really fucking irritating.
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  18. I would like to ruin him.
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