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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. I kinda like Kendall Rae,the conspiracy/mystery stuff mostly. Sometimes I watch some of Shane's too. Usually I'm watching these kind of videos when I'm eating my lunch or I'm killing time.
  2. My favourite YouTuber is Jamie Genevieve, Scottish gal who does make-up tutorials and vlogs. She is absolutely stunning and her and her fiancee Jack are absolute goals. I was so lucky to get my make-up done by her for my 21st (not a cheap price mind you) and she was so friendly and down to earth which was amazing considering how popular she is and "big" she has become working with make-up brands.
  3. Glowpinkstah/GloriaShuriHenry's vlogs never fail to make me happy and also slightly sad at my single status. One of the sweetest and funniest youtubers for me.
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  4. Trisha Paytas's mukbangs or bust.
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  5. No. I'm not a teen anymore.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. kal


    Still edgy AF though.
  8. I love GameGrumps.
  9. Eaux.
  10. My bestie once spent actual money to go and meet zoella. I don't know why we are friends?
  11. I find make up tutorials really relaxing to watch.

    I don't know why, but I especially like Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright trying to find make up that matches their skin tone. The struggle!

    Jeffree Star is ridiculous. He did a tutorial in a self-driving Tesla thing! BUT! From what Jackie says, kinda racist? So, I try not to watch his stuff.

    I also enjoy Ajayll's reactions to albums and music videos. She does all the popjustice popgirl faves and she is sweet and funny and the perfect antidote to that awful Zachary Campbell mess.

    Oh and I love Grace Randolph's Beyond The Trailer and Movie Math channels. I like that she's independent, very confident in her opinions (even if they're a bit crazy sometimes), good insight and unbiased. Also, she hates Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence and it's hilarious.
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  12. Not kinda, he is literally the worst. And there are so many amazing YouTubers out there, I'd avoid him like the plague.
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  13. I only watch James A. Janisse's kill counts because i love scary movies and his recaps are pretty fun. He's charming, dorky, and cute to boot.

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  14. I only watch Maritess Trosper.

  15. I watch this channel called LordenArts. He does two shows called Case Cracked (solved cases) & Brain Scratch (unsolved cases) that I recommend checking out.

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  16. I like watching Jess & Gabriel Conte and Olivia Jade. :)
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