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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Sam


    Bretman Rock is fucking hilarious. Shane is a bit insufferable, but his stuff is interesting. I love Jeffree.
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  2. Channels I watch: Collider, Screen Junkies News, Drumdums (horror reviews), Mukbang Monday, Steph Pappas, Dylan is in Trouble and Trisha Paytas
  3. I really enjoyed Shane Dawson's recent "docu-series" about Tanacon and Jeffree Star. I haven't watched the Logan Paul one yet (and probably won't) but I did think he struggled to be impartial, particularly with the Tanacon one, and they could've been about an hour or so shorter overall.
  4. Yeah I gave up on the Logan Paul series after the first two, it's just too damn long.

    The ones he did with Jeffree was the best ones.
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  5. The Jeffree one was fascinating. I didn't realise his business was so huge!
  6. The reason I've had no life for the past 3 months

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    Does anybody care?
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  9. And +1 for Safiya - I love her! I also think her fiancé is so adorable and cute.

    I’ve recently started binge-watching JessiSmiles - I never had Vine but she was apparently huge on there back when. The following video had me literally (yes) SCREAMING with laughter:

    Her storytimes are iconic in every sense of the word.
  10. Not quite a YouTuber but this guy is great:

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  11. Anyone else watch the 2Cent chicks videos ? They do product and food reviews . They are really informative and a great laugh .
  12. All I do is watch YouTube videos. My top three are Emilia Fart, Maangchi and Emmymadeinjapan. Maangchi is my queen. I don’t even like Korean food that much but she never fails to cheer me up. Emmy makes disgusting retro recipes, tastes exotic fruits and tries out old military rations. And Emilia is...hard to explain she’s basically an admitted shameless attention whore who is incredibly honest and hilarious and has been wearing sheets she sews into these caftans along with feather boas and drag jewelry and insane makeup for years. Apologies if any of these have been mentioned I didn’t go through the whole thread!
  13. Any Gramma and Ginga fans ?
  14. The James Charles drama is everything
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  15. LPT


    I don't really understand. He consumed vitamins that weren't plugged by his pal ?
  16. As well as using his fame to try and make straight men have sex with him.
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  17. I didn't know who James Charles was until he did that awful cover of God is a Woman.
    And then he turned up about a million hours late to some promo thing at Selfridges in Birmingham which basically shut down all routes into the city centre.

    I watched Tati's video. The gist of it was... Tati kinda helped James get to where he is. As he gets more and more successful, he's turning more and more into a monster. Tati owns a brand that makes vitamins. James took a paycheck to promote a rival company's crappy version of a similar product, even though James had told Tati that he didn't want to plug Tati's vitamins because his demographic is young teenagers. Tati has also increasingly become disgusted with James' predatory behaviour with straight guys.

    I mean... just watch less than 5 seconds of one of this videos and you can come to the conclusion that he's awful and HUGELY entitled.

    It is kinda fun to watch the thing where you can see his subscriber count dwindle.
  18. LPT


    Thanks for the run down.
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