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They/them, he/him
Tati said it herself in her (scathing) takedown video: he essentially flogged vitamins that help with sleep to his followers- who are between the ages of 12 to 14. Their essentially pills from what I can gather. That's incredibly dangerous and it really shows the depths of his willingness to do anything for a bit of coin.

There's also some concern that the story he has spun to explain why he flogged them didn't add up from a logistical point of view- and Tati says in her video that he had to have formed some kind of contract in order to flog the vitamins. And these brands don't just lurk at festivals looking for influencers that may be in trouble in order to rescue them and strong arm them into a contract.

As for using his celebrity to make straight men sleep with him.... that's predatory behaviour and it's disgusting.
I never liked James Charles, in fact I can’t stand him, but I honestly think the whole drama is way overblown. This ‘cancel culture’ has really become a bit disturbing in the way people revel in the takedown of someone’s personal life and career. It reminds me of a particular Black Mirror episode.
It plays on some of the most primal human instincts. The pack mentality is real.
The whole situation is a mess and neither of them really deserve any sympathy. He seems generally awful and so does she. It's telling that she was fine with his racist Ebola comments, but when he makes some Spon for snake oil that isn't her own brand of snake oil she's furious.

I'm not sure how comfortable I am with him being labelled as a sexual predator. A lot of the 'receipts' are him creeping into DMs and instantly getting shot down by straight guys. The only two that seem to have some physical element are a guy who flirted with him for free Cochella tickets then revealed he was straight after he got the flights and the VIP treatment and a bi-curious waiter who he almost hooked up with?

I don't doubt he could be a creep in real life but a lot of the screen grabs receipts show him as an awkward teenager who has no game and straight guys now get to pretend they've been violated and are having their fragile masculinity challenged by a gay guy 'forcing his sexuality on them'/paying them a compliment.
Yeah I totally agree.

I'd never heard of these people but this violent race to "cancel" him seems very excessive. Sure, I don't think he seems like he has it completely together and being young he is going to say some stupid things - but these people who are "calling him out" on various incidents are the very ones who are happy to partake in this circle wank influencer bullshit and use it to their own advantage when it suits.
I really don't wanna spent time regarding him but from what I saw in videos (a minute here and there), he seems very annoying, arrogant and privilidged (the tweet about influencers in Met gala, like...) and I just don't like that. I don't care where is on the spectrum of being feminine and/or flamboyant; he's just annoying.

I can't at this getting coverage in one of the biggest Dutch news sites. Like, is it a slow day? I hope all the coverage doesn't turn out in him getting a bigger name though.
I know people think it's quite extreme that Tati did what she did over sleeping pills and I totally agree that the online witch Hunt is terrifying. I also agree with those of you saying that it is hypocritical that Tati was willing to work with him after the Ebola joke. From Tatis perspective though, she put herself on the line taking him under the wing after that and he still sold out to a rival brand.

However, it should be noted that this is what happens in every walk of life.. this is just on a very public scale. Take it as a life lesson. Never ever bite the hand that feeds you unless you have a very good reason. The people who helped make you can break you.
Sanne Vloet is a Dutch Cictoria's secret model slash vlogger and she has the most lovely speaking voice. Watch her videos (which are mostly her making smoothies and granola) and chill out.

I can't believe how wrapped up in vloggers I've become but theres so much juice and action.

Let me educate you. There is a batch of female American vloggers currently aged 17 to 21 who are the equivalent of what the Laguna Beach stars were to millennials.

They live all across the US but a company called Dote put them on loads of trips and got them to vlog the trips. However, all of the non white girls have since spoken out about being mistreated by Dote on these trips. It's quite the scandal.

Furthermore, one of these elite teen vloggers happens to be one of the children involved in the college bribery scandal (the one who faked being a rower for a sports scholarship). Her vlogs show her to have complete lack of interest in college.

Also the most successful of this elite vlogging crew completely left the crew and cut everyone out of her life. Emma Chamberlain is the name and she is a fascinating character herself.
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Wow. Coincidentally the above drama blew up even more. Previously it was thought that only Dote, the company, were being racist but leaked of one of the main girls, Summer McKeen, being outwardly racist and messy.

I'm telling you popjustice, get on this YouTuber ship, it's entertaining.
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Sanne Vloet is a Dutch Cictoria's secret model slash vlogger and she has the most lovely speaking voice. Watch her videos (which are mostly her making smoothies and granola) and chill out.

I'm starting to get really into vloggers unironically. All they do is talk nonsense and do nothing much but I'm so intrigued.

I can't believe how wrapped up in vloggers I've become but theres so much juice and action.

Why does this sound like the start of a creepypasta
Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I very recently discovered Drag Race-adjacent youtube series Alyssa's Secret and UnHhhhh which are hilarious and oddly comforting. It's like hanging out with your friends and have done A LOT to carry me through a difficult time so I definitely recommend them if you feel like blowing off some steam for a few minutes.
Anyone have any recs for music reactors/reviewers? Something like AjayII's videos but someone with......... no shade but taste and something of substance to say.

I like ReacttotheK for bringing in a lot of music theory talk, but that only covers K-pop.
This is a video by a YouTuber about a TikToker so I figure... it fits here?

In summary:
Paul is 24 and scams kids on TikTok, is cancelled, leaves TikTok.
Paul is seen on Instagram using a the name 'Troy'.
Paul comes back under old name, says he's heard of this 'Troy' person who looks like him (though it's obviously him).
Paul proceeds to 'give' account to 'Troy'.
'Troy' pretends to be a completely different person who is 16 and also an actor who is always filming big things that never materialise.