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Do you watch YouTubers?

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by JacksonCraig94, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. I’ve lowkey become mesmerised by Jeffree Star and the unfathomable wealth he has been able to accumulate. This video is something.

    I understand how much of a big business make up is but I’m not able to grasp how enough people are buying millions of copies of luminous pink, green and blue palettes to make his brand as successful as it is. That goes for all of these new waves of make-up lines - who is actually wearing this fluorescent make up in public?
  2. Regarding make up: i don't get it either. The market is saturated but Jefree sells out all the time yet you never see people with this crazy make up in public, even at festivals.

    Regarding Jefree Star: he is the internet star who keeps bouncing back. Both himself and Tila Tequila were the first internet celebrities but only one has survived.
  3. Jeffree has like...a lot of investment in companies outside of makeup I believe? I suppose with him he’s putting out genuinely strong products/formulas tied to an aspirational YouTube channel not unlike the Kardashians. Combine that with the concept of his makeup reviews and his stamp of approval has weight that indirectly endorses his own brand which is all under his name.

    From what I’m aware a lot of 20-30s white women ADORE him in that way that he’s the ‘gay best friend’ on a macro scale. Frankly for all of his scandals and trashiness I do find something heartening in seeing an overtly queer person having such unimaginable success especially given how it all started. Contrapoints made a comparison between him and Gigi Gorgeous that he clearly comes across as relatively grounded and ‘normal’ vs the latter wandering round Wal Mart for the first time in awe of what she was seeing in kind of a gross way

    I guess seeing a fabulously wealthy person still eat Taco Bell and saying makeup is overpriced makes it relateable enough to the audience that they believe they could achieve that too.
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  4. I hate when a persons overt racism and other disgusting behavior is minimized to just being 'scandals'. Hope Jeffree and his house burn down.
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  5. Not the fight to pick.
  6. I have a LOT of free time at work now and watch a lot of YouTube, and I've become mildly obsessed with Jenny Nicholson

    What's really weird is that we have virtually no overlapping interests. I've never seen a Star Wars film, or read a Harry Potter book, or have a particular interest in Disney or Superheros. But I still find her hugely entertaining.
  7. Best channel on YouTube teens. Her reading fan fiction is always lit
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  8. I quite enjoy ijustine's videos
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  9. Jenny is FANTASTIC. Even on the off chance I disagree with her take on something she's really funny and great to watch. Her hour-long breakdown of the Avatar theme park (and general stanning of theme parks and their history) is wonderful.

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  10. Get into it gorlz x

  11. I third Jenny, here! I got into her at the end of 2016... when the mood had really just shifted here in the US (for obvious reasons). Her sense of humor was something I really needed at the time. I binged all her videos and started looking forward to all her new ones. I actually have a lot of the same overlapping interests as her (Theme parks, Disney, Star Wars, etc), and much like @Andy French ... even when I disagree with her hot takes, she brings some interesting pov to a discussion. I think she’s hilarious... and the best thing is I can’t always tell if she’s trying to be. I love that kind of humor.

    Since 2016, it’s been fun watching her become a bit more ‘long form’ in her approach & get better at her craft. She’s great.

    I watch a ton of YouTubers (too many?), so maybe I’ll start posting some here sometimes. I just randomly stumbled into this thread tonight in a bout of insomnia. I mainly like people who do video essays, analysis, or mini-docs about stuff.
  12. One YouTuber I've quite enjoyed the last couple of months is Cinzia DuBois | The Personal Philosophy Project. She had a video randomly pop up in my feed about 'Doing A No Buy Year' (which is something I've considered trying) so I clicked on it. I instantly loved the video (& her overall presence) & since then have watched a ton of her videos.

    Her things are: creativity/writing, reading/books, self-esteem, decluttering/consumerism, & such. I find her really engaging & helpful... without being super self centered, which is likely a difficult balance with some of her topic matter.

    Here's her channel's trailer:
  13. Does anybody watch Angelika Oles? She’s a British YouTuber who basically runs through YouTuber tea and drama, but has a really engaging personality. She’s a straight-shooter and has no time for entitlement and the commercialism/narcissism that is endemic amongst the platform’s megastars.

    She’s very entertaining and as someone who engages with YouTubers solely as a morbid anthropology experiment, she’s very succinct at bringing everyone’s debacles and dramas together in one place.
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  14. The Jeffree break up is trending worldwide on Twitter.
  15. Dddd the video is full performance art faggotry
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  16. Her video titles give me anxiety with the EXCESSIVE capitaliZATION and EXclamation POINTS! but I've been meaning to watch her for a minute. It's wild how YouTuber gossip has become its own genre of YouTube video
  17. The camera set up of Jeffree on that giant pink bed surrounded by Pomeranians looks like a renaissance painting. Iconic.

    It's sad that he and Nate broke up given that Jeffree spent five years having to defend the relationship, so of course the first thing people will say is "told you so" regardless of the actual reason for the break up.
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  18. Let’s see if Nate will sell his side of the story. I think Jeffree will be smart enough to remain friends with him to keep his mouth shut. Or have him sign a 50 year NDA.
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