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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. Because the main thread's pages and pages of spoiler tags is an eyesore.
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  2. Can I just say that Maria's Captain Marvel was kinda weak? Our universe's Carol would have cleared.
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  3. I need an extended version of Wanda killing the Illuminati! I also was a bit annoyed there was no proper fight with Professor X.
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  4. I absolutely loved how this movie portrayed Wanda as a literal walking cosmic horror.
  5. Did anyone else find Patrick Stewart a little… flat? The theatre actually laughed at all his scenes which is not good.
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  6. Why didn't they try and find a Vision from another universe to stop Wanda? Seems like one of the first things they should have tried.
  7. Vision being pretty much left out of the movie was the biggest plot hole for me. Like, she wouldn't have kids without him and surely he would be part of her ideal family? Suddenly she cared ONLY about her kids and not her husband/boyfriend. It just makes no sense. I feel like they took him out of the picture because he would have posed far too much for a threat to Wanda if she had to go up against anybody.
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  8. That's where I thought they'd bring this movie after Vision flies away at the end of Wandavision. But I think they're just saving that one. Her corruption will probably linger in the same way Dr Strange now has that evil eye, I can't imagine it'll be easy to shake off the darkness - nor forgive herself for all the murdering. I think only Vision can really save her. But they will have to play it very well if they want the audience to make her feel redeemed because she did a lot in this film. We went from rooting for her in Wandavision to basically having no happy ending for her here. I wonder when we'll see her next. Maybe in the Agatha series - even if it's just a post credits scene or something?
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  9. I mean this was a moment.
  10. Thanks boo!

    I’m mixed about the Illuminati scene. The lineup was great but I do have to say Krasinski’s Reed Richards was super awkward and underwhelming. Captain Marvel is exactly how she’s depicted in the comics, Captain Carter amazing, Professor X again more comics accurate. Yes the Astral Plane scene was a little sedate but the fact that is was so well depicted gets a pass from me.
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  11. Vision not being in the film was kinda strange to be honest but I do get why he wouldn’t be needed for her to have kids in other universes. It’s not explained very well, like a lot of things in this film. My take away is that Vision is basically a robot incapable of having kids, so obviously Wanda would’ve had to have had them some other way in these alternate universes. I presume our Wanda saw these kids in her dreams, not realising they were from other universes, so when she had them in Wandavision they ended up being those exact kids, right?

    I kinda felt like they weren’t showing enough throughout the film, like they spoke about a lot of stuff that had happened but They could've just made the film longer and shown us.

    Also I remember someone saying a while back that the reshoots were to tone Wanda down, that she was too brutal, too evil.
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  12. Uno


    The horror elements were really fun, it's what I was expecting out of New Mutants.

    I've grown really tired of Marvel's style of humor; their inability to take anything seriously takes me out of the action just about every single time. Cracking out stupid one-liners when "the fate of the world" depends on you is so distracting and eye-roll inducing.
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  13. The theater broke out in applause when Reed Richards appeared... the obsessive fan boys are going to ruin the Fantastic Four reboot aren't they?
  14. I felt like this one had pretty much no dumb humour (slapping man aside), which is another reason I really liked it.
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  15. The way Wanda murdered them all was brutal. In particular Captain Carter.
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  16. It was a little off, I agree. His death scene though was beautiful. The red smoke encroaching on him gave me chills

    I'm so ready for an extended directors cut with the original beginning and more horror/gore elements.

    Please Disney!!
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  17. John Krasinki appearing thrilled my little gay nerd heart. He needs to stay on as the real thing.

    I was mildly gutted there wasn't more multi-verse "fun", like the rumoured appearance of James McEvoy and Chris Evans (but as Johnny Storm), but it wouldn't have added anything. The Illuminati did that really well.

    I feel for Hayley Atwell. She keeps being brought back into these things for tiny scenes, doing an amazing job, and then that's it. Agent Carter was brilliant, she got a happy ending in Endgame, her What If appearance was great and now this. But she doesn't get anything "proper". She deserves to show up in a future project properly for more than a few minutes.

    I just wanna know where it's all leading. I'm assuming it's Secret Wars, as has been rumoured. I just want it all NOW.
  18. Also, I had this idea which is completely pointless but would have been SO COOL. Since the Illuminati were a bit fan-service-y, they should have filmed two or more versions with different illuminati leaders to confuse viewers. Perhaps James McEvoy's professor X or some other random mix of characters, but not announce it.

    So today people would have been like "Wasn't Meryl Streep as Jean Grey amazing?" and half the people would be like WTF? That never happened? So it's like a real like multi-verse. THINK OF THE PROMO.
  19. Oh wow... your MIND! That would have been incredible and a real mind f. Would have meant more money for Marvel as well... ka-ching.

    I think logistically it would be a nightmare though.
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