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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. Honestly, Wanda trying to say that she's not a monster, she's a mother after realizing how much she scared her kids and thinking about everything she had done was sooooo effective. Elizabeth is just absolutely amazing. I love her and Wanda so much.
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  2. Well! Hmmm. I liked it. Cool visuals and good acting. Lizzie stole the fucking show and ate a bitsy every time she was on screen. Give me a solo movie now.

    But the story . . . a mess. It felt like they rocked up to set each day and thought right lads what shall we film today? Which actually I don’t think is far off what actually did happen? It was convoluted and silly and didn’t really make sense. It really was giving made up as they went along. Which is fine. Marvel doesn’t need to have the perfectly constructed story, otherwise Endgame would’ve fallen apart at the first hurdle. But I feel like it didn’t quite work on a surface level either. So much happened and yet nothing happened? And it was sorely missing an extended sequence of them jumping from universe to universe. The two minute scene where that happened was the highlight of the entire film for me - I was gagging for more after that taster, and instead we saw two universes in detail? That’s not mad enough for me.

    But yeah, I liked it. Nowhere near Top Tier Marvel, though. I’d say it falls somewhere in the middle of the ranking of me.

    Also why was Vision not in any of the Multiverses? Why did Wanda’s ideal life not include him?
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  3. I have a question.
    Was that blood on Wanda's face when she fought the Illuminati or oil from the robots?
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  4. Oil. It's a PG-13 movie, somehow.
  5. My biggest gripe with the movie after thinking about it this week is that I don't particularly like the resolution for the characters. Like this movie is a sequel to both Doctor Strange and Wandavision. And a piece of the greater MCU Phase 4. But moreso than usual it really felt like "Okay... now what?" after watching it. It didn't wrap up in a way that left me feeling good. And I think I will end up liking it more once multiple questions are answered and next steps for these characters are taken. It was just too much of a chapter in the grand scheme of things than it's own stand alone film. And I guess in a way, all the MCU movies are that way. But it really stood out as more of an issue here than I usually feel. I guess because it's been so long since the last Doctor Strange? I don't know.

    That's kind of my issue with the MCU in general right now though. There is a LOT of moving pieces at the moment, especially with the onslaught of all of these shows in addition to the movies. And we don't really know where we're headed or when we'll get there. It's a lot of unanswered stuff and a lot of exposition and new characters. I'm ready for some story threads to have some pay offs instead of the constant cliffhangers.
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  6. I think the MCU is just in a really weird space.

    It took 11 years to get from Iron Man to Endgame but those films really feel like they built up to it, especially from Civil War onwards. The Guardians entering the Avengers storyline made perfect sense in Infinity War. We have like, a new version of the Avengers and I don't know how they will merge with the Eternals? Plus stories like Guardians, Thor, AntMan are still ongoing.

    There's a lot of promise as to how these stories will intertwine - the Shang Chi end credits for example. There are also exciting new characters like Eros and Clea. It's just not easy to envision how the likes of Yelena, Kate Bishop, America, etc. will all continue beyond this point. We have a general idea of the films coming too, and it doesn't seem like this will happen in the next 5 years.

    I became an MCU fan quite late, 2017, when it already felt like this was leading to something. I just think without a clear leader like Iron Man or Cap, half the stories taking place on (mid) TV series, it's not as straightforward as the Infinity saga.

    Maybe it makes sense if you love the comics. I know fans talk about Secret Wars. I just hope we get a big team-up event sooner rather than later, and some of these new characters we've started to love pop up more.
  7. I laughed while watching Age of Ultron because Tony Stark calls Wanda "a little witch" as well
    Man why they gotta be calling Wanda a little witch.
  8. Presumably because 616 is one of few (maybe the only?) timelines where the Ultron experiment failed and that's how we got Vision. We see in 838 that the experiment was a success.
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  9. Exactly that. I've seen lots of people bringing that up as a flaw or a plot hole, but it's just not. As you point out, Vision might only have existed on 616, and we know there's a new version of him flying around there somewhere. Wanda is very likely already aware of that. It's her kids who are out of reach to her on 616, not Vision.
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  10. Back from the cinema after watching it a second time. Again, I stan Wanda so goddamn hard. She is a MOTHER!! She did what she needed to do. The bit where the Scarlett Witch is with the kids and they’re petrified of her - academy award!!!

    Does anyone know if there is any significance with Wanda cutting the branches off the trees and dumping them in that wooden crate when she’s first chatting with Dr Strange? The camera focuses on that action a bit longer than expected so I wondered if there was any hidden meaning with it?
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  11. I wondered this too. For a minute I thought it was symbolism of her pruning the branches of timelines or something. Maybe the universes where she has dream-walked to already and knows her children aren't in them, or something. It's very weird that there's a deliberate focus on what she's doing but it's never explained.
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  12. Yeah I’m trawling the internet to see if anyone has figured out any special meaning behind it. It’s been bugging me for a week now!
  13. Another q: why do some multiverse variants look different (Spiderman, Loki) and why do some look the same (Doctor Strange, Wanda)? Was it explained and I missed it?
  14. He


    I think in Wanda’s case it’s because she’s a Nexus being (same across all universes). Strange because famous actor.
  15. I think it was a reference to the comics where she DID prune timeline branches.
    So they just had a visual Easter egg to reference that.
  16. Thank you!!!
  17. Just saw this and really enjoyed it.

    Loved the horror tone of it, Wanda limping covered in blood and chasing them through the tunnels - yes queen get them.

    Not a super fan of the 'WAAAALLLLTTTTT....they took my boy' ... shout out to lost... trope for Wanda and like many others have said, could have done with a bit more background to her turning fully fiery but had chills when she turned the orchard back into the wasteland.

    Not me getting more excited that I recognised it was the British Museum during the Illuminati sequence.

    This was a lot of fun, I hope Raimi gets to do more and I can't wait to see how Wanda comes back after this.
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  18. My favorite little micro moment on second watch is future cig Billy already recognizing what a powerful iconic woman his mother is - “You can still tuck me in, mom”

    I can just feel his unspoken glare at Tommy as he ensures his rightful place as Wanda’s favorite.
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  19. Wanda still dream walking omg...
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  20. Professor X isn't the only person being torn apart by Wanda I see.
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