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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. In the same video, she says the never met John Krasinski.

    The illuminati really did do every single shot on their own didn't they?
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  2. Just another reason to Stan Elizabeth Olsen!
  3. It must be really frustrating as an actor working on a Marvel film when even as the leads you have no idea what's going on
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  4. It’s a silly way to make a film. The whole superhero blockbuster machine is just every part of the process being stripped down so it’s hyper-editable and there can be a million do-overs on executives and producers whims.

    Its why the VFX can look horrible despite costing so much . Because every iteration had no more than a week to develop.

    Im not sure it’ll calm down until the blockbuster bubble bursts a little and they just have to take risks and stand by what they shot.
  5. Playing devil's advocate, you probably could also say these types of films (the blockbusters, CGI heavy, a bit fast foodie) are the ones that make all the money and allow the more lowkey, "higher quality" films to be made with not as much risk
  6. I think MCU special effects just have…rough composite shots sometimes. Watching in 3D solved the issue somewhat by default but yeah sometimes it’s distracting.
  7. I mean, I had a friend who was working on Shuma Gorath's/Gargantos CG the week or so before the premiere. I think the fact that these movies have little risk of not making money at this point has left them feeling less interesting when finished. Not saying the earlier films were better, but they just felt more put together. I say this as someone who loved Wanda and her Multiverse of Madness.
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  8. How does this work when Disney bought and effectively shuttered 20th century Fox/Searchlight, one of the last studios making these types of films.
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  9. He


    The arguments in this video are pretty nice.

  10. He hated the film though dd.
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  11. I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that Tom Holland shot scenes with Doctor Strange with a stand in for Benedict during Infinity War
  12. Far as I remember everything from the neck down for Dr Strange is CGI, may have changed since though.
  13. I thought the film was great and one of the more interesting to come from Marvel. The music fight was cool and I loved the horror elements. John Krasinski as Reed Richards…. is doing something to me.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. It’ll get a post release patch like Spider-Man: No Way Home got.
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  16. Even Wandavision's finale had it's lake scene at the end retouched weeks after the finale aired to change trees around and such in the wide shot as it's zooming in to her home.
  17. Can anybody explain the difference between magic and sorcery in the MCU? Is there a difference?
  18. I want to say with sorcery Dr. Strange is commanding spirits/demons from other dimensions to do his bidding. With Wanda she’s using ‘magic’ to cast her spell. Magical energy drawn from the earth. But with her it’s more of a subconscious thing since she’s a Nexus being.
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  19. I do wish they shown the moment her outfit started cracking from where her heart is and spreading.
    They kinda just make it a detail to notice in her, which is fine.
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  20. Yeah it's a nice touch, alongside the black fingertips, to show how she's slowly being corrupted from her good heart outwards, by the Darkhold.

    I guess it might have been difficult to show it as it would have been happening over time, between the end of WandaVision and the start of this movie, so by the time we catch up with her, she's already too far gone.
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