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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. This really felt like Marvel jumping the shark for me. Horrific script, bad pacing, terrible dialogue and fucking America. She has to be the worst character introduced in years. Drove me bonkers.

    Wanda was such a highlight and I continue to stan. I completely agree that considering the title and lead in with No Way Home, we really didn’t see that much of the Multiverse.

    I don’t know, it had so much promise but really didn’t deliver for me.
  2. So many annoying tweets saying you all hate it because you can’t stand Sam’s unique style !!!! like no the style was the only good thing about it it’s the script that we need a handwritten apology for.
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    The more I think about it, the worse the script gets. I guess a consequence of scripts being written as they shoot, and also having to change things around due to shows or movies being moved around.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am), but wasn't this film supposed to come out prior to a bunch of the multiverse shenanigans in Spider-Man? Perhaps rewriting it to be after made the script something I would've written for in 2008.
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    Yup, before Spider-Man at least. I think maybe even leaving the killing of Mordo stuff would have improved things by a lot, script wise.
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  6. I would LOVE to read the original script for this before it was butchered up to smithereens.
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    Honestly I don’t trust it was that much better. Again, they need to make things “simpler” for the movies, and basically have them be independent from the Disney+ stuff. It might have been more coherent but I don’t think the characters would have fared better.
  8. My only problem with the film is that it feels like a middle film, and it is, but it's got such a lack of real resolution. It's a sequel, so it's already pulling from all the previous material, and then the end of it leaves pretty much nothing wrapped up. Most MCU films have like villains to kill/imprison/etc. This film's villain survives (pretty obviously) but didn't even give her villain arc much of an end either. It SEEMS to be over but we have no clue. There's no resolution.
    Anyways- i've posted all this already, it's just a nagging thought in my brain. I will enjoy this movie much much more when the next film comes with these characters and it fits more in the grand scheme of the large chapter of stories they're telling. But for now, I'm just left feeling like "okay, cool, so... now what?", It was an unsatisfying cliffhanger of sorts.
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  9. This film getting torn apart like Reed Richards into string cheese.
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  10. I went to rewatch it at BFI IMAX in 3D. It was pretty nice, though some scenes were slightly blurry. My negative feelings toward the movie were not as extreme as the first watch, but I still think it suffers in many areas. Overall, I don't think it lives up to the name "Multiverse of Madness".

    That whole tunnel scene remained annoying. While I liked the silent slow-motion shot that led into the jump-scare, it just made no sense for them to stop running. And then Strange taking an eternity to take the Book of Ashanti off the pedestal... probably would have been better to have Wanda get ahead of them and destroy the book before they could reach it.

    That is true from what I've heard. With that plus the director change, COVID, them having to start filming before the entire movie was written, I'm not surprised the movie came out this way.

    My thoughts also. The movie kind of did a lot and nothing at the same time?
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    It’s not uncommon for these films to finish writing during shooting though. It’s they way they work.
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  12. Yeah the film really feels like a recap of Strange and Wanda’s status quo in the MCU until the penultimate 3rd act of their storylines. Too bad there is not enough meat but a lot of filler.
  13. I know I mention it far too often but the "plot holes"/writing this is being torn apart for (lots of which I don't disagree with), are no worse than No Way Home, which seemed to get very little criticism in that department. Or, even Endgame which is possibly even worse.
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  14. Sure, but I doubt it helped.
  15. Is this a meme now dd

  16. There's been only two characters in MCU that have turned characters into "string" Thanos and Wanda...
    Only one has revived one from it...
  17. I was just wondering if there's a chance I could watch this at home? I'm dying to see it again.
  18. There is rumors it’ll be on Disney Plus this June.
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  19. Awesome! Thanks.
  20. Damn so soon?
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