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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. Yeah Disney+ Germany posted a few days ago the highlights for June and it said it will be there on 22nd of June.

    I saw it myself but they deleted it since then.
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  2. Disney movies are in theatres for a 45 days before moving them onto steaming soo June would be within that time frame.
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  3. That's great for me, don't get me wrong. I though they would try to give the movie more "theatre" time as it is still going strong - latest figures show a worldwide gross of over 804,4 M$
  4. Typically Disney's window has been a little bit longer, at around 60 days (for Shang Chi and Eternals at least) so this is a little surprising. HBO Max usually has a 45 days window though.
  5. I low key expected it to have done over a billion by now.
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  6. Yeah for most of its movies last year they did say 45 days but the marvel films were a bit later. Maybe they’ve changed their approach because restrictions have lifted allowing movies to gross more in their first few weeks.
  7. I think it’s by a case by case basis. The movie has peaked in theaters so the June 22nd Disney+ date sound about right. There is the existing Disney+ crowd they want to please (and also gain new subscribers).
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  8. Did anyone else think of Willow's season 6 arc in Buffy after watching this film? It had its problems as well but I loved it. Makes me want to revisit those episodes.
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  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    As mentioned above, it’s now streaming on Disney+

    It just feels too quick sometimes.
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  10. Well, finally saw it!

    When it went FULL Raimi, ie Scary Wanda and the final act in general, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. But in general…this was a little rough ladies. In wanting to continue Wanda’s story, they essentially flattened it entirely and removed all nuance, making even the problematic descent/s she experienced in the comics seem more nuanced. Liz did well in the role and it was FUN but a shame there wasn’t more space and time to really dive into Wanda’s heel turn. I guess it was sign posted but eh.

    America, despite being the driver of the plot in some ways, didn’t get nearly enough time to shine as a character.

    Illuminati was neat. And neither a glorified cameo nor overexposed. Give me the Fantastic Four film with them as multiverse adventurers asap please!

    Raimi/his DOP is very hit and miss, with this notably being less pretty than some other recent MCU entries. That first Shuma Gorath monster fight was UGLY. And the reliance on very light-weight, cartoonish CGI didn’t work for me in the first half at all. As with most Raimi stuff, once it went horror, I began to buy it.

    Cute, some nice ideas and fun moments.
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  11. on reflection...this movie is a trainwreck
  12. He


    It really went nowhere. It’s got some nice set pieces though.

    America being a glorified scream queen didn’t help the case of introducing her. If you compare that to how they’re writing Kamala… I get that there’s not nearly enough space for her to shine in such a packed movie, but what was there didn’t leave a big impression. Where is she supposed to show up next?
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  13. America was done so dirty. The way the likes of Kamala and Kate have been given so much depth in their first appearance that lets them share the screen in movies easily vs...basically nothing beyond being a maguffin
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  14. Nevertheless I can't wait to rewatch it now that it's available.

    Oh and today a friend of mine told me she saw it recently and she's usually not very excited about Marvel movies and said she liked it because it was different from their usual output.
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  15. I..what's the opposite of something growing on you? That's what's happening for me.

    The illuminati bits feel so... patchy when you rewatch it. From Professor X's pathetic attempt against Wanda, to the terrible CGI when Mr Fantastic is cheese string'd to the weak ass Captain Marvel getting crushed by a statue.
    Peggy was the only one who kinda served.
  16. Ddd me watching 3 times for the Avatar trailer and it falling apart further each watch.
  17. [​IMG]

    I'm glad we're all seeing the vision and the truth now.

    It made me giggle how alternate Wanda was not really putting in the effort when Xavier was trying to reach her... like damn, he can't want it more than you!

    Also her mind being a blank white space, head empty...
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  18. He


    How did a statue kill Captain Marvel?! It was not even launched at her haha.

    Xavier didn’t put much of a fight. It’s like he didn’t know Wanda at all, even when he had had access to the one in his universe.
  19. I think it was implied Wanda stole/wore out Captain Marvel’s energies enough that she was effectively powerless and crushable.

    America Chavez… did not need to be in this.
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  20. Ddd I enjoyed it even more, watching it again.
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