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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. I keep seeing people on socials wanting to know where we are heading story wise, that it’s all feeling directionless etc but I thought it was obvious.

    Secret Wars.
  2. Well.

    I'm glad I didn't pay to see that.
  3. Yeah I agree that we didn't really get enough exposition with Wanda. The Wanda we got; while fun, didn't really make any sense with where her character was going. Even though the Dark Hold was brought up, I think we needed to see a more literal representation early on of how it was corrupting her.
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  4. Agree with the takes from the last pages.

    As someone who only watches an MCU movie here and there, I was confused as to how Wanda had even heard about the multiverse/America in the first place.

    It also wasn't clear that she was "corrupted" by the book until 90 minutes into the movie - and I'm not sure that it was even the case.
  5. This is one of the cases where they relied on you having seen the end scene of WandaVision, where she's seen astral projecting while reading the Darkhold, hearing the cries for help from her sons.

    So we knew then she was going to be looking for them in other universes, as they no longer existed in her own one, and I think we're supposed to just assume from that scene that things were about to get real bad for her, as reading the Darkhold only goes one way.

    The visual clue for the corruption is the blackened fingertips. Agatha had them, but importantly, so did Illuminati Strange.

    But yeah, I agree that it needed better establishing in the movie. And I suspect those scenes exist, and are among the 20-odd minutes of footage that was cut.
  6. I think the film would have benefitted from having that cut Mordo scene which seemed to show a little bit of the corruption/regret Wanda was feeling with the Darkhold… based on various leaks and such.
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  7. I literally didn’t even notice her blackened fingertips until towards the end
  8. I just rewatched it and it was mentioned several times throughout the film. Strange mentioned "the Darkhold has her" right after his visit to her at the start.

    I actually enjoyed my second watch and the film didn't get worse for me. I guess I had already accepted the flaws it had (mainly regarding Wanda's motivations) so it was easier to just go with it. The one thing that annoyed me though was towards the end when Wanda had captured America and was shown taking her powers again at Wundagore after which Strange cast the dreamwalking spell which took quite some time. The next time we're shown Wundagore America is just floating and Wanda still doesn't have her powers and is instead looking at the wall?! What was she doing this whole time? Also the music notes fight made me giggle.
  9. Finally managed to watch Doctor Strange - Multiverse of Madness and strangely enough, Doctor Strange isn’t even in my top five characters that appear in this movie.

    In fact, he comes across very unlikeable in certain parts, overshadowed by the supporting cast.

    My top characters from this film that I cannot wait to see again as they totally owned this movie are as follows:
    1. The Scarlet Witch
    2. America Chavez
    3. Clea (especially if she becomes Sorceress Supreme)
    4. Christine Palmer (she just needs to now name herself as Night Nurse)
    Bring on the next time these all feature!
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  10. Ff
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  11. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Rachel McAdams again in the MCU. This very much felt like a goodbye to her character.
  12. Especially with Clea now coming in.

    It was a nice move to introduce the 838 version of the character to gain some resolution but she’s served her purpose now. I’m sure I read somewhere that she was supposed to be Strange’s “anchor” in the normal world and it doesn’t feel like he needs that anymore.
  13. Unless she comes back as a variant of Dr Strange which in that case Yassss!
  14. I know in my heart that you are probably right but I was hoping she would come back as a fully fledged, Night Nurse, battling the creatures that go bump in the night whilst being a figure of medical support to those within the mystic realm.
  15. I think if there are plans for a fully fledged Night Nurse it's going to be Rosario Dawson's version of the character.
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  16. Who was that guy he spoke to? That bit completely confused me. Was he supposed to be somebody of some significance?
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  17. He was also credited together with the rest of the main characters dd. I was puzzled.
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  18. Looking forward to watching John Krasinski in that Fantastic 4 suit this film again
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  19. I think he's one of the doctors from the first movie?
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