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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. What is the Book of Ashanti, the lyrics to the chorus of Ain’t It Funny??
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  2. People on twitter moaning that No Way Home was a better movie about the multiverse. Like, why has it got to be one or the other? Why not both?
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  3. Nn yeah the more I think about this after the initial excitement from witnessing Wanda’s murder special died down, the more I become aware of so many shortcomings within it. Wanda truly deserved better than this script. Elizabeth ate but were it not for her this character would have not fared as well as she did here.
  4. I haaaated how it's this book that gives the sorcerer "anything they need to defeat their enemy"... where was this during Thanos era?! It's very lazy writing.
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  5. I forgot to say- Agent Carter was an unexpected highlight for me and Rachel McAdams really shone. Christine is on par with Pepper Potts for me now.
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  6. Did it ever show what happened to other universe Christine?? Did they just dump her back in the Illuminati universe with all the people Wanda massacred?
  7. It was mentioned that no one believed it was real and that it didn’t exist. They only knew it did because America saw it while traveling with the alternate Strange.

    It’s the one thing with the comics, there’s a lot of “deus ex machina” objects that could save a lot of stories quicker but also are often forgotten in other situations.
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  8. I mean, it's where she lives and where all her life is? Yes, Wanda killed the Illuminati, but Christine basically runs the place and she'll probably be more needeed than ever without them there.
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  9. I thought it was fine. As many have already said, Wanda carried this film and anytime she was not on screen, I was begging for her to come back fast. Elizabeth is far too talented to be giving her career best work in Marvel films.

    Captain Carter was a highlight even if we only got her for 2 minutes total. I loved that episode of What If? and to see the character executed in live action on screen left me salivating for more. Give me a limited series Disney in the alternate universe.
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  10. Well i think they didn’t think it was real at that point in time. Wong did say he only realised it was real after he became Sorcerer Supreme and read the “manual”.
  11. I just loved how they stepped through that door to get the book and all thoughts of Wanda swiftly exited their minds. And they conveniently decided to use it right as she came blasting through.

  12. Was anyone else actively rooting for Wanda to kill all the other characters ?

    She's got a point...
  13. So they prevented an incursion in this and also in No Way Home. I guess it’s likely that it will become a thing over the films in this phase? Prevent multiple incursions until there’s one big enough to bring everyone together and stop it?
  14. He


    Honestly I feel most concepts and ideas will not be used moving forward. It seems every movie has their own little rules and that is it.
  15. My only gripe with the film is, I wish Danny Elfman included Wanda's Theme from WandaVision throughout the film or atleast once.
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  16. The prevention of Incursions might be a thing. Rumors are the next big MCU storyline is actually Secret Wars. Heroes from different universes battling out to save their own home worlds.
    If Thor touches on incursions then I’m sure it’s what they’re aiming for.
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  17. Does anyone know who the giant female statue was supposed to be in the Illuminati building was? I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be an Easter egg or not.
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  18. I feel like the only thing missing from this film was a little bit more time showing the Darkhold corrupting her so that it wasn't so 0 to 60-- Maybe a scene showing us her finding about America's existence and powers, since that was kind of a major plot hole, And realizing that by stealing her power she could enact her plan to have her kids again.

    And the other thing being that at the end, it would've been nice if Wanda had gotten a bit more sympathy. Like, yes she realized she fucked up and destroyed the evil spells. But the tower comes down and they just move on. I'd rather they skip the clearly fake death, have her bring it down and then have a scene away from it with Strange after - Something meaningful and to put a little bow on it. Then she can tell us what she plans to do next to reconcile the end of this quest to have her kids and she could fly off. Wandavision left us feeling bad for her and then "Oh shit the Darkhold is going to make her evil". And the end of this film didn't really return us to feeling bad for her in a meaningful way that I wish it did. And they didn't set up the Darkhold's destruction to really be absolving her now that it's gone. It's not like it was possessing her, it was just vaguely "corrupting her". But she still murdered people. And I guess you can blame it on the book but also... can you? I don't know how she'll be without it now. Is the corruption forever, in a way? Because Strange still has his evil eye. So it's likely to linger with her. Like I said before in a post, I think only Vision reappearing will really set her back on the path to being good again.

    Bottom line is, Wandavision was so good and this kind of brought an end to her current arc in a dumb limbo place where she kind of loses all the good will she had from the show. It was just a bad current ending for her character that left much to be desired. And it'll probably be years until the character pops up again which is just annoying.
  19. This was kind of a blast. It's definitely my second favorite movie of Phase 4 after Legend of the Ten Rings.
    Benedict Cumberbatch was great as all the versions of Strange and played off Xochitl Gomez well. Xochitl was delightful when she played Dawn (my favorite Baby-Sitters Club character!) and she's delightful here. Elizabeth Olsen rules, but we already knew that. I've been on kind of a Raimi kick recently so all the Evil Dead influences and references were right up my alley. The music note fight was great.

    The biggest problem I had with the movie was the Illuminati. It felt like none of those people were on the set at the same time. Unlike the rest of the movie there was no joy and no chemistry. The Captain Carter and Mr. Fantastic costume design were distractingly bad too. I don't know if I was supposed to be cheering Wanda on during that scene, but it's what I was doing!
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