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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. Oh! There were so many nonsensical leaks at the same time, I may have gotten them mixed up. I fondly remember a *redacted* fan fiction where both Famke Jenssen and Sophia Turner teamed up against Wanda ddd.
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  2. Charlize Theron showing up with Euphoria High eyeliner as Clea was unexpected. The styling was not what I would have have gone for, I would’ve loved a big hair moment.

    But I’m interested to see Charlize get to do her thing. Seems she might be more of a cutthroat action girl which, well, fine. They haven’t had that in Strange’s films yet I guess.

    That whole scene was exactly why the ‘Marvel at the Academy Awards’ conversation needs to simmer down though. Every scene we’re just waiting for Glup Shitto.
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  3. Clea looked like an Eternal. They should've styled her differently to make her look more unique.
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  4. It’s a little disappointing that we didn’t get the aged up Wiccan and Speed, although I wonder whether the rumour of a Scarlet Witch solo movie made them push this back and factor them into the storyline.
  5. In the comics their grownup selves showed up re-incarnated looking for Wanda. Young Avengers helping out too. This can be easily adapted for the MCU and hopefully the Agatha series kicks this off.
  6. The raven scene that appears in one of the trailers (but didn't make it into the final cut of the film) is believe to be part of the opening scene when Mordo tries to kill Wanda.

    Joshua Bassett was supposedly confirmed to be playing teenage Billy by the actor was plays Billy.
  7. The thing with the Mordo scene is that if that would have been in the beginning of the film then we wouldn't have had the surprise of Wanda revealing herself as "evil" to Strange. Could have been a reason why it was cut.
  8. They'll have to make substantial alterations to The Children's Crusade if that's what they're planning to do to bring Wanda back in since Quicksilver and the X-Men are in the comics.
  9. The MCU adaptions have never been by the book. All they have to do is hire a decent writer to make it work. Hopefully competent actors are hired to play Billy and Tommy if the writing fails.
  10. I thought the movie was a lot of fun! I could watch Elizabeth Olsen do anything as Wanda, and as always she was amazing in this. I agree with a lot of points made about the problems in it here though.
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  11. The way I was rooting for Wanda the entire movie. When she killed the Illuminati heroes >>
  12. I can’t say I’ve seen him in anything! I’m guessing they’d have him locked into a contract so likely this’ll stick?
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  13. Wiccan & Speed, Yelena, Kate Bishop, Chavez, Ms Marvel, Stature, Ironheart... Young Avengers are really shaping up to be gay rights.

    And Hulkling could very well be introduced in The Marvels.
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  14. He's in the High School Musical series (which I personally haven't watched yet) BUT he isn't straight so at least a queer actor is playing a gay character when they eventually introduce him if he's still in the role. And he does kinda look like an older Billy.
    This is what I've been expecting this entire time dddd.

    I'm not sure if Yelena will be part of Young Avengers or the normal Avengers though.
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  15. She's enough queer representation purely for the camp value of "...but we're friends! you're killing me!" in the opening sequence. (Right up there with Rambeau's "get out of my universe!" and Christine 838/Queen Rachel's "go back to hell!".)

    That Illuminati massacre still haunts me. Carrie at the prom teas, right down to the blood and grime stains on Wanda. I lived for her Sadako-esque crawl out of the gong in Kamar Taj as well. That said, I do agree that her descent into villainy was too abrupt, to the point where she risked tipping into caricature - credit for Elizabeth Olsen for continuing to breathe so much humanity into Wanda, even when the material was against her.
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  16. Wow that’s dark!
  17. She tore
  18. Queen
  19. Captains Carter and Marvel standing idly by while Black Bolt’s brain is blown to smithereens and Reed Richards is reduced to cheese string -
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