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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (includes spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., May 6, 2022.

  1. I'm inclined to agree about Iron Monger, but there does need to be someone from the Iron... series, to have made the Ultron bots. But yeah, I don't recall there ever being any real evidence. But then again, Black Bolt and Reed were a surprise too, so you never know. I don't even really mind if there are no extra cameos that were cut from the footage. I just want to see it because I just know it's going to be nuts.

    Multiple people reported that the first screening didn't test well because Wanda was just too evil and the kills were too much. Pfft to that. When we've already got Deadpool going as hard as an R rating would go, I doubt anything they had Wanda doing was nearly as graphic as some of that.
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  2. Some variant of Iron Man wasn't too farfetched. Iron Man is a leading man in the Illuminati, and the Ultron bots gave the impression that in their universe the Ultron program worked as intended.
  3. Which I think is where the Superior Iron Man stories initially came from. And it's not that it was totally far fetched for Tom to have signed on (he didn't though) but the movie's writer said it was discussed and it was a scheduling thing that meant he couldn't. Which then leads more towards Iron Monger instead.

    The Ultron bots didn't make themselves, so there's really only a couple of options on the table.
  4. I don’t agree with comparing her murdering to Deadpool. Deadpool is a comedy. While it’s gory, it’s light hearted and written to make you laugh.

    Tonally, Dr Strange is completely different from Deadpool and so it would have been too dark for Wanda to be that violent (especially with that film rating).
  5. Yes and no. I agree that Deadpool leans way more to the comedy side, but the actual gore on display is a lot. It's ultraviolent. And there are still dark themes at play in Deadpool, under the surface humour.

    While the tone of this is different, Raimi's style pushes everything just off kilter enough to keep it away from being a hard R horror movie. It's scary but still a bit wacky in places, so it softens the edges a bit. I'm definitely intrigued to see where he initially took it though, as we can only assume it really was very dark.
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  6. BTG


    I’m not sure how Wanda could’ve been worse dddd. She ripped the Professor’s jaw off. I’m guessing it was marginally more gory but that’s about it. I think @silkandskin pointed out how Wanda looked like she was covered in oil rather than blood but the end of Illuminati massacre.

    I’d high key love to see the Mordo beheading with the ravens watching.
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  7. Not gonna lie my main disappointment with this film was how much the What If…? stuff was teased beforehand.

    The trailers made it seem like we were potentially getting Zombie Wanda, Ultron and the version of Strange that consumed all those monsters, but it was all pretty much unrelated in the end.
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  8. Where the fuck my aged up cigs Billy and Tommy at, huh?!

    If Feige doesn't bring them into the MCU, it's over for baldy.
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  9. Will we get a Director's Cut or at least some of those deleted scenes?
  10. The MCU stans just have to make enough noise and the Raimi cut is a possibility. It's happened before, I don't see why Disney wouldn't explore the idea.
  11. A cut that could affect existing canon feels…unlikely. Honestly most my issues with the movie were the bones of the script that I doubt alternate cameos and some extra gore would really change
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  12. Wanda killing Mordo at the start was probably cut because they want to end up including him in 3trange to help Strange prevent another incursion or something.
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  13. But it was only a Mordo she killed. I don't think it explicitly said which one.
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  14. "Stupid Love" <3

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  15. Dddd at them hiding that wig line
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  16. I’m glad Charlize finally has a role in the MCU and I know she’ll make it her own. She was done dirty.
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  17. Apart from some pacing and script issues, I enjoyed this a stupid amount. Marvel are clearly having all the fun with the concepts and weirdness you can get away with in a Dr Strange movie. Zombies and music note battles without little explanation are wonderful.

    America having two mums and rocking a trans pride badge made me smile no end.
  18. Agreed, and they really went for it this time. They got ballsy making Wanda such a ruthless villain. Even if she came to her senses at the end. She really racked up a grusome body count before so and I loved every minute of it
  19. Wouldn't mind an episode of What If based in the paint-iverse please
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