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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. What a pair of icons. Make these their on-screen costumes.

  2. Is she the new companion though? The wording on the press release is ambiguous. I hope she is.
  3. A lot of the info appears to be deliberately ambiguous. I mean, David and Catherine are "filming scenes" for the special, instead of saying they're in it? Yasmin "playing a character called Rose," without specifying what role this is? Hmm...
    It reminds a lot of the casting announcement when Billie was said to return for the 50th anniversary when they specifically said that she was "returning", but avoided mentioning that it was as Rose
    EDIT: Very interesting...
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  4. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I wonder if, adding to the rumours that
    Jodie’s finale ends on her regeneration as a cliffhanger, the 60th anniversary episode is some sort of mid-regeneration dream or flashback like Once Upon Time, recounting real events but certain details are inaccurate. David represents this “internal” Doctor, but the episode ends returning to reality introducing Ncuti as the real 14th Doctor - which then leads into S14 actually resolving threads left from Jodie’s final story.
  5. Russell truly has his finger on the pulse with these recent castings. I’m just worried that certain gammon fans are going to target Yasmin like they did with that young actress in Percy Jackson. If so…

  6. Wilf is there. Bernard has been spotted filming with Catherine.
  7. They've targeted Jodie for years. They'll always find someone else. It's a lot.

  8. Faves supporting faves

    fantastic choice indeed!
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  9. Don’t worry, they started their “RIP DOCTOR WHO 1963-2022” posts as soon as Ncuti was announced.
  10. I can't believe it's 2022 and "Donna Noble" is trending on Twitter.
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  11. I'm living for the fact that all the unhinged right-wing viewers hailed Russell's returns as saving the show, but a black Doctor and a trans supporting character later and it's all "Russell has ruined the show!!" "we pay a license fee for this!?" "I shan't be watching any longer!"

    These people have stopped watching this show four of five times now. JUST FUCKING GO THEN
  12. Or they’ve never watched in the first place nn
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  13. There are people complaining about the new casting as being a "box-ticking exercise," then in the same breath saying that they've never watched the show. Literally worms for brains.
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  14. These same misogynists have been seething over Jodie for five years now and now a male Doctor is happening, they're still unhappy.
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  15. I’m loving seeing these filming pictures of them in their new outfits and things!
  16. Has anyone spotted a Slitheen on set yet tho
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  17. I still can't believe they're back. To see The Doctor righting the wrong he perpetrated on Donna is something I've expected to happen for years, but I thought it would be with a different Doctor. The thought we'd see David back never occurred to me.
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  18. Assuming Donna makes it out alive and with her memories intact I can absolutely see her staying on Earth and investigating aliens and basically being the spiritual successor to Sarah Jane Smith.

    There are teenagers now who will watch Donna's return having been too young to have watched her original run, just as many of us were with Sarah Jane. Amazing.
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