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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I've dug out some old DVDs this week and had a double bill of Day of the Daleks and then Rememberence of the Daleks (special editions)... I really enjoyed them and they got me thinking about the nonsense spouted by some that the show is too political now; it always had those elements.
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    Yeah I’ve been rewatching Series 4 after all of these announcements. I’ve got Midnight onwards left, which is probably one of my favourite runs of any TV show ever.
  3. It's a shame The Next Doctor and Planet Of The Dead aren't great just ok, as really Silence In The Library right through to End Of Time, is a wonderful run of adventures
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  4. I read that after current filming wraps there's a much larger block entering production in the fall. Possibly just further specials if there's more than one, or possibly season 14?

    Gotta admit I have missed Russell's work ethic. It gives me serious anxiety when I think of the fact that seasons of the show under Chibnall would finish airing before scripting for the next had even begun, and from a fan point of view, the complete radio silence for whole years at a time was so frustrating.

    But knowing Russell has probably started writing on season 14 and that they've hit the ground running with production so quickly after everything was signed? A literal king, the Madonna of screenwriting.
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  5. Watched The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky and I can’t at the Sontaran ship being a glorified gay bar with all the neon pinks and purples.
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    I skipped these 2 in my rewatch. Just ... dismal
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  7. I actually enjoyed the two parter for the most part although I think Martha’s return was a dud- essentially replacing her with an evil clone for a good 70% of the plot line was… a choice. And Sylvia is even more of a nag this rewatch.

    A lot of why I love Season 4 is down to Catherine. She knocked it out of the park as Donna and I like that she offers a counterpoint to Ten. One thing I have definitely noticed is that Ten yells A LOT and is prone to long, rambling speeches about nothing (which is a tedious RTD trope at this point).
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  8. Allegedly, there are 3 specials...
    ...which involve 14 trying to figure out why he has regenerated into his past face.
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  9. If that’s the case it very much feels like damage control, but I’m willing to wait and see what RTD has come up with.
  10. Yeah, I'm just assuming that since there's a break it's not necessarily the same cast/locations for the second filming block, and all three specials may be concluding production before the fall.

    I don't hate the rumored storyline, but especially considering it's the 60th, I would prefer they ham it up and have the regeneration be completely unstable and the Doctor repeatedly regenerates into previous faces instead of just one.
  11. Ideally, it would be great if that happened, but I think it's just too difficult for them to get some of the Doctors. There's no way Christopher Eccleston will ever return to the TV role, Capaldi has expressed disinterest in coming back, and Matt is just too busy. Perhaps one of the older Doctors would work. There was a rumor that some of the Doctors are doing something, since 3 of them had dinner together.
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  12. Well...

    Chris Chibnall gets to have the old-skool Doctors and a load of classic companions back for Jodie's finale. Russell gets to have his 60th anniversary trilogy with the public #1 fave and a beloved companion. And then, after the anniversary is done, we get a brand new era with a new Doctor. This all works for me, actually.
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    Watching Midnight and my god it’s just so bloody chilling. Lesley Sharp absolutely understood the assignment. The one episode that truly creeps me out.
  14. A classic, really. That sequence of stories in Series 4 are all hits, each one.
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  15. I'm dying at the person who had every character and monster from a 60-year franchise to choose from and chose to cosplay one of Cassandra's moisturizers.
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  16. Up to series 5 on my rewatch and the whole Amy forgetting the Daleks etc really annoys me. So that basically means the series’ before never happened right? I wonder how that’ll affect the 60th or if it’ll just be brushed over.
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  17. I think Moffat basically said that anyone who the Dalek invasion was important to would remember it, but everyone else forgot. So basically, whoever the writers want to remember do.
  18. ???!!!

    It looks like Beep The Meep is in the anniversary special. Set photos are all over Twitter and there's a Wrarth Warrior walking around London. Beep's been seen too. So we're getting The Star Beast with David and Catherine!
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  19. Wait...

    Sharon for the 14th Dr's companion
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  20. All this talk of multi-Doctors reminds me of this:

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