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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. God, thr scale of the production! I think they're still filming The Star Beast.
  2. The dark blue really works better than the brown coat David wore as Doctor 10. The silver tie is perfect too.
  3. Rumor has it that
    is returning for the 60th anniversary…t
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  4. Amazing
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  6. I love Varos and Revelation (especially this one), but Attack is weak and Two Doctors a sprawling (albeit fun) mess. I think the main problem with Attack is how much it feels like a greatest hits of previous Cyber stories, while being worse than all of them. In the classic era, only Revenge is worse. In saying that, I can't wait to rewatch these stories.
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  7. I've got a lot of nostalgia for Attack of the Cybermen as it was the first story I was able to record on VHS. Part 1 must be the episode of Doctor Who I've watched the most!

    Revelation of the Daleks is a masterpiece and my joint favourite Doctor Who story along with Turn Left. So bleak and disturbing it's hard to believe it went out at Saturday teatime as kids' TV!
  8. Silver Nemesis waves at this point. Dreadful.
  9. It is very bad, but it has Ace and Lady Peinforte which gives it something I can enjoy.
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  10. I decided to start rewatching the show from the start and then I plan to finally watch all of Jodie’s era.

    I forgot how awesome Series 1 was, Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston are fantastic and even the worst episodes are still enjoyable. I remember liking season 2 and 4 even more, and the second half of season 3 is great as well. I’m so excited for RTD to be back.
    On another note-I’m in the middle of watching The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances which is one of my favourites, but I’m finding Stephen Moffat’s inability to write Rose glaringly obvious. She could be substituted for Amy or Series 7 Clara and pretty much all of it would work. Billie manages to sell it though.
  11. One of the story's best scenes is Rose having a quiet, empathy dripping chat with Nancy about the future which is plausible but unlikely for Amy and downright out of character for Clara?
  12. Yeah, you’re right I was still in the first episode when I wrote that. I think I was just frustrate by a couple of scenes she had with Jack which I felt were out of character, but it was back to normal in the second part.
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  13. Is Revelation the serial that is set on the funeral planet? I seem to recall Davros is a head in a plexiglass box in that one? I was really surprised how grimdark it was for was essentially a children’s TV show!!
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  14. I like bits of Revelation but for some reason I never quite get into it.

    I think the main things I hate are the DJ and the awful 'Tasambeker'... surely two of classic Who's most wretched performances?

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  15. 14 years ago today since the best episode of Nu Who premiered

    Catherine Tate was phenomenal in this story.

  16. God I love this season! Best season of the 80s. So happy to have received my Blu-ray set yesterday and can't wait to get stuck in.
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  17. Fixed!

    Given the 60th anniversary news, I'm just dying to rewatch revived series 1-4 again
  18. “Don’t get chippy with me, Vera Duckworth! Go pop yer clogs on and feed t’whippets!” is my favourite Dame Donna moment!
  19. Turn Left is the best piece of television I have ever and will ever watch.
  20. The scene where Sylvia takes her mental breakdown is the scariest part of the story. It's so chilling and low-key, her and Donna on the floor, Donna trying again to get her mother's approval only for Sylvia to respond with monosyllabic answers because she's broken. Also, the fact Russell used events and characters from episodes fans mocked - stories derided for cutesy aliens (The Adipose), the apparently nonthreatening Empress of Rachnoss, or a crashing Starship Titanic - to inflict the damage on Britain was a brilliant touch. Turn Left is a bleak masterpiece. It feels more relevant now, weirdly.
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