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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I agree, but I maintain they're mostly dull. There's no sense of fun in any of them other than State of Decay, which would have been a totally different (worse) script had Christopher Bidmead got his way. It picks up a lot with Traken.
  2. I'll tell you what is dull, Meglos.
    Even with Jacquline Hill putting in a wonderful performance, it doesn't have the humour of S17 to help it, yet gives us a Doctor cacti doppelganger, which is a wonderful image, but it's all so boring.
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  3. Jodie’s final episode is called The Power of the Doctor. It’s in the latest issue of DWM
  4. I saw that. Chibnall still leaning into sixties sounding/vaguely Nation/slightly David Whitaker inspired television titles.
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  5. Oh it's so dull. Meglos looks amazing though. You can almost forget just how good.
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  6. When will it be on? They must have the centenary schedules set
  7. Nobody knows yet but you’d think they’d announce it soon since it’s going to be airing in like a month nn
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  8. I wonder how many classic companion cameos we're going to get? We know about Tegan and Ace but I'd love to see Peri and Mel again too (I don't care that neither was left on Earth at the time!)
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  9. I've heard...

    Mel appears in Russell's episode working for UNIT. But we see Ian, Jo, and a few others in Power of the Doctor.
  10. I'm going Full Circle after an edible
    I'm so happy
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  11. This is such a lazy ass image. Jodie deserves genuinely better for her final episode
  12. I actually quite like the weird rippling energy lines, which might be a new regeneration effect, but I agree Jodie needs to have the biggest send-off because I fucking love her.
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  13. I rewatched Ghost Light the other day. After several watches over the past however many years since it came out on VHS, I think I have to conclude that it's awful. I used to like the first two parts, but it just makes no sense. What even is Control? How did Nimrod get free of Light's (prison?) And what the hell is a 'Ratkin'? So many questions...

    That said, the costumes are mostly excellent as are the sets.

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  14. Serving Coverlandia!
  15. Have you tried the novelisation? It's wonderful, and has helped people see the Light in the past.

    I, absolutely adore Ghost Light, as I think I do all of Season 26. It's ripe with atmosphere, great acting, confusion and it feels big.
    That McCoy and Aldred pairing was the blueprint for the new series.
    Seeing how they are, and how it returned 15 years later, is not the massive jump many felt it was.
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  16. Ghost Light is in my Top 10. I absolutely adore it. The admiration is boundless!
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  17. I'm too lazy to get my DVDs out so I've taken up the special offer on Britbox; only £2.99 a month for the next 3 months. Not bad.

    I've had a bit of a binge:

    Claws of Axos - a classic 4 parter for me. The phallic Axon spaceship always raises a smile. Not too much padding and memorable baddies, plus UNIT and the Master. Can't go wrong.

    Frontier in Space - what a weird ending... I was enjoying it and then it just concluded with the doctor being shot. What a shame. I wish the Ogrons were in more stories. I think this is their final appearance. The Draconians looked good too. Episode 4 was unnecessary.

    Terror of the Zygons - I like all the Scottish stuff in this. Another classic story. Pretty much perfect. If someone had never watched classic Who I think I'd suggest this one.

    Planet of Evil - another good story, Sarah Jane is my favourite companion so I'm biased.

    Mawdryn Undead - I don't think this one is amazing but the Black Guardian is hilarious. Maybe I have a filthy mind, but some of the dialogue with Turlough is so camp and a bit suggestive haha. I don't think the Brigadier's amnesia was very convincing and the public school stuff is so cringe, but overall I enjoyed this, probably too much.

    Now I'm on Snakedance, not a favourite of mine but I'm interested in watching episodes with Tegan in before she returns to our screens. On another note, Nyssa's new outfit is an abomination. My eyes!! Screenshot_20220927-183313_Chrome.jpg
  18. Thank god it only lasted a story
    I actually cannot wait to get to Season 20 on my rewatch, apart from The King's Demons, I enjoy them all.

    I intend to finish State Of Decay and maybe even blast through Warrior's Gate (which contains one if my all time favourite cliffhangers) this evening.
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  19. Yes, that outfit is much better. Nyssa is another great companion in my view. Not annoying, intelligent and well written for the era.

    Not sure which story to go for next. Needs a little thought.
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  20. My suggestion


    Something for everyone! All this plus the miniaturised Master and Kamelion, what's not to love?
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