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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Except for an engaging story, but yes.
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  2. If I was going for Season 21, The Awakening and Frontios stand head and shoulders above the others... after the Androzani 11/10 (ever with that Magma Beast)
  3. If only I had read this before putting myself through Time and the Rani! As much as I love the character, it is terrible. I do like the first episode though for the garish special effects, camp dialogue and that glitter gun too.
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  4. Time and the Rani was the first time I was embarrassed watching Doctor Who with my family. Kate O'Mara gives it her all but it really is bloody awful and deserves it's reputation as the nadir of Doctor Who. It's all downhill after the iconic "leave the girl, it's the man I want".
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  5. Actually, I quite liked Time And The Rani when it premiered. As a kid, I gasped at the explosion of the new title sequence, the bubbletrap, and The Rani's return. It's not great, of course. But I still find ways to enjoy it. I'd watch it over Planet of Fire, Timelash, Twin Dilemma, and a whole chunk of Series 6.
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  6. Time And The Rani gives us two great cliffhangers, a memorable monster, Kate O'Mara, and it's at least never boring....
    Unlike the worst Dr Who Story Of All Time (in my opinion) Underworld. I woukd also probably watch it over some others as well.
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  7. Here we go
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  8. I'm going to stock up on snacks.
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  9. Bullet train?
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  10. Yas
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  11. Nice to see some more pictures. I hope this special is a good one.
  12. I mean it is a Chibnall finale so everything including the wall attached to the kitchen sink will be flung in, but I'm still excited regardless.
  13. I liked most of Flux and the Dalek one. The Sea Devil one wasn't great. I remain hopeful.
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  14. I'm most excited to see mouth on legs Tegan Jovanka again.


    Queen of mid 80s fashion.
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  15. This obvious tribute to 1980s Frida is my favourite ever TARDIS look.
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  16. Mel fans unite!
  17. It is.
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  18. Looks like Chibnall is throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the episode
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  19. Please be good. Please be good!
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