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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by RHOPJ, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Warriors Gate is a 5/5 story
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  2. All the living Doctors from 4-10 appearing in a Big Finish eight-part series, along with the Fugitive Doctor...Christopher Eccleston finally appearing in a multi-Doctor special...I'm gonna cry.
  3. I'm watching Pyramids Of Mars, and they honestly do not get much better
  4. Nn I forgot how boring episodes 2-4 of An Unearthly Child are. I usually just watch episode 1 and then skip to The Daleks.
  5. I think it gets us into the early dynamic of the TARDIS Team perfectly.
    Also one of the very best scenes in the whole series
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  6. Thoughts? Obviously, more Who is always welcome, and I think having a series without the Doctor as the lead could be interesting. It'd raise the stake even further. But I don't know if villains having their own series would work too well.
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  7. It'll be interesting to see if this will be an anthology series with a different villain each episode or will be more of a serial based approach.

    Knowing RTD, this show will absolutely link into the main show also - i.e. how Jack ran off to the sound of the TARDIS materialising at the end of the first season of Torchwood. It would be interesting to see something like the Flux or the Master as an overarching enemy for a variety of monsters in the spin off, with the main series seeing the Doctor face and defeat the 'big bad.'

    My main concern would be that without a main character tying it all together, it would lose an 'in' or relatability for viewers. The humanity of Doctor Who and its universe has always been what sets it apart from other science fiction and I would worry a show focused on monsters could hinder that, but its also an excuse to bring back returning faces to be the audience's POV. It could also patch up plot holes and do some fan wanky stuff by jumping around timelines without having to bring the current day Doctor into the story.
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  8. Perhaps it’s centred around UNIT defending us this time.
  9. Ahhhh this is so exciting. We should probably see Ncuti’s costume very soon if they’re filming on location
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  10. New series information just dropped:

    I truly feel that the show could not be in better hands.
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  11. Assuming that means Christmas Day specials? It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed.

    At first I read it that the next series would have 14 episodes, but it means it’s Series 14. Only eight episodes…
  12. Yes, Christmas Day specials.

    Most shows are only around 8-10 episodes nowadays anyways. Shorter episode count means they can them more frequently, so people won’t forget about the series like they did under Chibnall.
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  13. When he says the 2023 script is done is he implying there is a christmas special next year or is he just meaning the 60th?
    Also bless him for saying no more breaks. We didn’t know we had it getting a season the same time every year way back when.
  14. Don't we have three specials next year, starting at the 60th, which will star Tennant and whatever other surprises they have in-store, then end with the regeneration to Ncuti?
  15. As he says, the 2023 script has long since been signed-off. He's talking about the fact he's writing the 2024 Christmas special I believe (!).
  16. The inference I'm taking is that Russell is writing every episode of the series.
  17. Currently some pretty strong rumours about Torchwood returning, but with Gwen at the helm instead of Jack...
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  18. I would LOVE this!
  19. Unless Barrowman is shitting the bed and throwing Eve under the bus for no reason (admittedly plausible) it seems pretty certain.

    I was never a huge fan of Torchwood really but I've always like Eve and Gwen and would be interested to see where those characters are over a decade later. Like... Anwen will be starting secondary school!
  20. Same! Rumor has it that either Gwen is the frontrunner of the show, or they recast Jack. Personally, I'm hoping for the former, even though I haven't finished watching Torchwood yet nn.
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