Doctor Who

Auditioning one non-binary actor is not the flex Phil Collinson thinks it is. It just makes it seem like they made a token effort if anything.
It's badly worded, but I believe they meant that the audition only specified someone under 30, with no gender in mind. I don't think it's meant to be a flex that they had a non-binary actor, just more that they didn't have a specific person in mind aside from the age.
Woke up too early, whacked on Kinda.
Absolutely perfect Who, and Nerys Hughes gives perfect older assiantnt to a younger doctor.

Also, I wouldn't mind a return of the Mara, terrifying.
Kinda and Snakedance are both top tier Who. I was always surprised the Mara never returned in the new series, what a great concept for a villain and just imagine how much better they could be realised now on a Nu Who budget.

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"Perhaps I can go out and file a claim on the land, when they get around to inventing the aircraft, I'll make a fortune!"

Just Part 1 of The Visitstion before bed tonight, and I forgot it's Fred The Butcher, getting butchered in the opening.
I know a lot of people hate the TARDIS squabbles, but I enjoy them, of course Nyssa and Tegan reign supreme.