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Doechii [for fans of Doja Cat, Azealia Banks, etc.]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by superultra, Apr 7, 2022.

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    Persuasive needs to be a HIT.
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  2. She was on Instagram live yesterday and mentioned her and Doja have talked about working together and that she has a song she has in mind for Doja to be on but she wants to perfect it and make sure the timing is right to possibly send it to her.

    We NEED this collab to happen.
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  3. Crazy performance:

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  4. New song soon

  5. Persuasive and Crazy performances for Vevo DSCVR:

  6. She killed it
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  7. I feel so dumb and in the dark for not knowing what the XXL Freshman class was until the above post, and subsequent looking into it, as it’s clearly a big deal…

    So so happy and excited for her!
  8. A bit late to the party but What's Your Name? has taken over my life.
  9. BET Awards performance . She ate !

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  10. YouTube link since I’m sure Twitter will strike it

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  11. Oh wow, that was a capital M, Moment.
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