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Does anyone really hate their job?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mikey1701, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. I was just wondering because I know I do.

    I got the job last October in a small restaraunt for some spare change while I'm at uni. Its a waiting on/ bar job for which I have a more than a decade's experience. When the assistant manager left I offered to take over her duties because I had done it before and knew what I was doing. They turned me down flat and now my new assistant manager is another waitress. Who is 17. I'm ten years older than her and I have ten times the experience she does. I resent being told what to do by someone who stands by the front door and flirting with the general manager. I hate to sound snobby but I work so much harder than she does and I cant help that the job is beneath me. Ive spoken to her about it and the general manager and the general feeling I get is: shut up and get over it.

  2. I don't hate my job, I love my job but I haven't had a holiday since Xmas and it's getting to me.

    I'm counting down the days to the Easter weekend. I will not be switching my computer on that weekend.

    The worst job I ever had was working for 3 in a call centre. It was the retentions department in Glasgow and I was terrible. People would say I want to cancel and I'd just be like No bother, there you go. I wasn't pushy at all. I hated it. My papa died while I worked there and I wanted to go back to Dumfries to see my family and my department boss wouldn't give me any time off bar the funeral. So I went above him, got the time off I needed. I was so angry with what my dept boss said to me though that I totally trash talked him to everyone in the building which eventually got me into big trouble.

    I walked out before they could sack me. Before I left, I logged into a couple random customer accounts and gave them big discounts on their bills.
  3. I hated all of my jobs until I started this one. I have fun every day and get more holidays/time off than pretty much any other job I can think of. It's just sometimes it is so much work I want to kill myself.
  4. I don't hate my job outright but it's not particularly satisfying. The location, hours and people are all very agreeable but the work is just boring admin shite, and I'm not even particularly organised in my life outside of work so why I'm in charge of spreadsheets/scheduling/organisation is beyond me. Well, I know why, I fell into the job via a friend, initially for 9 months but then got extended until Christmas last year, then March of this year and now I'm staying on until the end of 2014.

    It's my first proper job out of uni though, so it'll do. I expected to be way more motivated once I got my degree but really I just got The Fear, took the easy option and decided to try and live for the weekend. I have plenty of time to pursue something more creatively fulfilling so I try not to fixate too much on it but I do feel like I'm wishing my life away sometimes.
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    You're like the Robin Hood of the internet age!
  6. Haha not quite. I did give my boyfriend a free Wireless dongle first.

    They really fucked me off. The guy actually said to me 'it's only a grandparent'. He's lucky he didn't get drop kicked.
  7. Some days. But I drove past a Carpet Store yesterday and there was a bloke inside who looked so sad and depressed I realised it could be worse.

    - Cabin crew was a bad job, NOT the glamourous career it once was.
    - Call centre work is soul destroying.
    - And I was once a social care co-ordinator, the only male in the office and the only person under 40. That was hard going.

    I walked out of my student job at TGI Fridays and the place burnt down the next week. Happiness.
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    My official first job (that I never told anyone and never put in my CV) was a GIS assistant in a construction and surveying firm. My boss is so stupid and only got the job since he's the nephew of the owner of the company. He finished a film degree, and doesn't know a thing about mapping, geographic science and the like and he expects us to make a software for a hydroelectric plant? How will he even check it?

    I resigned two weeks later, and went to vacation. Luckily I got a job with an international environmental NGO after so that's what I put as my first official full-time job now. Looking back I thank that experience 'cause I learned I do not want to be stuck doing mapping work - especially if I'm led by someone who doesn't know what the heck he should be doing.
  9. My worst ever job was working in a salon… I was just a weekender and washing old ladies hair was gross especially when bits of their scalp would sort of fall out on to your hands. And hairdressing is definitely not the glamorous career I thought it would be it was horrendous and so bitchy. I did work in a tanning salon for quite a while when I was a student which was alright because it paid ok and it was always dead so you didn't really have to do a lot ha ha.

    But since I finished at uni and got myself a real career job it is so much better and people actually respect you compared to if your working a doss job that any Tom, Dick and Harry could go down the jobby and get.
  10. Sometimes. But I will always think, 'at least I'm fortunate enough to have a job' and that usually quells any negative thoughts in my head.
  11. Being unemployed and stuck with daytime TV. HELL!!!!!
  12. Jeremy Kyle is a fine education.
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I remember pulling off my Oscars-worthy acting skills (CRYING IN AN INTERVIEW AND TELLING SOB STORIES) just to get an internship - which turned out to be something I did not like all along.

    I hated one of my jobs where I was a research assistant to a Japanese researcher! But the guy is so hot, gave me a teddy bear, and treats me ice cream. So I guess that was a great job!

    Indeed it's better than being unemployed, but it could be a sign to start looking for better opportunities.

    Good on you fro graduating from all that. I could never work in a salon. I can't imagine how hard it must be.
  14. I don't have a job right now but in summer I was working in a nursery home with people who have/had dementia. It really was no fun and also some of my colleagues were not the nicest ones. So often after working or when I was alone, I cried and thought about quitting. The only reason why I didn't do it, was because I knew that in September I will be back at university.
    Last week one of my ex-colleagues actually called me and asked if I want to work there in summer again but unless I'm really desperate for money/a job, I'm not going to do it.
  15. I had a job once in Wickes.

    I lasted a weekend and didn't go back. People kept asking me questions and I had no idea what they were talking about.

    And a guy I had a one night stand with was in the shop, I hid in one of the display bathrooms until he left.

  16. CRYING. Fucking brilliant.

    I once went into my local Topman to discover the sales assistant was my trade from the weekend before. I have never fled a store quick enough.
  17. It was AWFUL!
    I was in a horrible uniform, covered in compost. It's bad enough being seen like that in public, let alone someone I had sex with.
  18. kal


    Generally I love my job. Right now I'm working on a terrible project which makes getting up in the morning a real chore.

    And my previous job as a waiter was hell, so I really shouldn't complain.
  19. SBK


    I love my job.

    If you don't feel you're being appreciated, you should look for another job. I know its easier said than done, but there really is no solution if your current employer isn't going to invest in training/promoting you.
  20. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I 100% agree with this. It's hard, and sometimes you have to stay in your current job a little but more before you can find that better job - but there is really no other way.

    I'd like to add that it also helps if you tell your friends and fellows that you're looking for a new job because they might know great openings. Never underestimate the power of networking!
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