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Dog Days Are Over: The Florence + the Machine Discography Rate (And the winner is...)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Fortune, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Lungs (Average: 7,650)
    Highest: 10,0 x 5
    Lowest: 4,0 x 2

    Ceremonials (Average: 8,594)
    Highest: 10,0 x 8
    Lowest: 4,0 x 2

    How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Average: 8,765)
    Highest: 11,0 x 1 + 10,0 x 5
    Lowest: 4,5 x 1

    Extras and collaborations (Average: 5,250)
    Highest: 10,0 x 2

    Lowest: 2,5 x 1
    I sort of don't understand why 'Heavy In Your Arms' just wasn't added to 'Lungs' - considering it's a 10, it would have brought up my average a bit.

    I could have given many 0s to all these 2,5-4,0 songs, but there's always a little something - either a vocal, a lyric or a bit of production that deserves a point or two, so there you go, no zeros.
    Quite a lot of 10s, though! Haha

    I honestly thought my 'Lungs' average would be higher, but I've realised I've actually deleted a few tracks, so I've been listening to a fat-free version of 'Lungs' all this time. With the concerning track included, well, it's being brought down a little. It deserved a 8+ score as well, so shame.
  2. Finalizing my scores now... my averages are not going to be as high as I would have guessed #oops.
  3. !!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy to see this thread. I absolutely adore Florence, cannot wait to take part in my 2nd rate.

    And HELLO to all those How Big... bonus tracks I had no idea existed *bad fan*
  4. Just got through scoring Ceremonials. I remember not being very impressed with it and finding it hard to get through, and yet I've only given a single score below 7. It's really a lot, lot better than I've given it credit for.
  5. What I've always found with Ceremonials is that the individual tracks are very good, and my scores reflect that. But the album as a whole is simply exhausting to get through unless you're in a very specific mood.
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  6. Averages:

    Lungs - 7.3
    Ceremonials - 8.4
    HBHBHB - 7.4

    I expected Ceremonials to outrank the others, but definitely expected a larger difference between the other two.
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  7. I see this criticism banded about a lot here but I never fail to be drawn in by its rich and sumptuous tones.

    There's three weak links across the album, in my opinion. Lover to Lover halts the momentum of the flawless five openers. Despite being an initial favourite, Seven Devils has revealed itself to be bare with time. Leave My Body has been done better elsewhere, and pales against epic closers Blinding and Mother.
  8. All This And Heaven Too was the only bad score I gave on Ceremonials -- a 6.5, to be exact.

    Her third album got fewer high scores, but still only one 6.5 that I might revise later as it's a song that I haven't listened to as much as the others.

    All the extras are new to me though, so I'm excited to see how those will fare.
  9. RJF


    You know what song has aged the best on Ceremonials? "Breaking Down". It's such a nice switch up after the massive four song assault at the start of the album.
  10. It's my second favorite Florence song altogether (my 11 is also from Ceremonials). It is just so brooding and spooky, I always think of the Babadook now when I hear the lyrics. The last chorus with the slight change in key is my favorite moment on the whole album.
  11. My averages (sans bonus tracks etc.):

    Lungs 8.35
    Ceremonials 8.54
    How Big 7.82

    Not bad at all given that I'm usually not such a high scorer. Hoping to delve into the extras tomorrow -- I think they're all new to me.
  12. I'm being extra stingy with my 10s and only giving them to songs I'm happy to see win. It does mean I'm handing out 9s like mad though!


    Standard: 8.00
    Deluxe: 7.60
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  13. Ceremonials

    Standard: 8.25
    Deluxe: 7.94
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  14. Bump, apols for the pseudo-abandonment, but my internship finishes this week so I'll be fulfilling my rate host #promo duties soon.

    As of today you guys have two weeks left. I will start tagging people at some point.

    Isn't this fabulous?
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  15. RJF


    I'm officially starting my scores tonight. I gave the albums a preliminary refresh.

    How Big... is easily her most accomplished album to date. Listening to all three back to back only confirms it.
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I am conflicted whether I should participate in this rate or not. I only just became a fan because of HBHBHB (it's my 2nd favorite album of 2015). And I'm not really sure if I would enjoy the rest of their discography. I'm afraid that I will become a rate villain if I don't enjoy her first two albums as much as most of you do and give them lower scores.
  17. If you enjoyed How Big..., you'll probably enjoy the rest of her work too. Ceremonials is a bit difficult to get into unless you're in a specific 'mood', but separately the songs are in the same vein as on How Big (and all really, really good). Lungs is a little less polished but includes some of her best singles. Give it a shot, I'd say!
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Okay, I'll listen to the pre-HBHBHB albums and then decide if I should really participate. Thanks for the heads-up!
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  19. It really is... The one two punch of a reformed on form Libertines, and then this triumphant headline set, left me bald for most of the festival.
  20. Wait at me finding a real gem in the bonus tracks, despite it sitting in my library for over a year now.
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