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Doja Cat - Amala (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. She handled that in the worst possible way she could have. Poor that.
  2. Why not end both?
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  3. Very helpful when acts cancel themselves before I need to learn who they are xx
  4. but these male rappers don’t have fanbases that are in their overwhelming majority queer.

    most of the people or at least a huge chunk of people buying/streaming/going to doja cat concerts are queer.
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  5. Wtf is a doja cat
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  6. Shame. I quite liked her album.
  7. Shoulda known when she said "If he gay, the way he taste, that shit turn hetero". Sis, I really doubt any gay man wants anything to do with your...cake.
  8. Faye Tozer’s brasilian fans.
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  9. I was just going to say I hope she realizes how ignorant she sounds.

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  10. Go to town is one of my favourite songs of the year, but i thought that her album was a bit bland.
  11. I honestly thought she was long gone after the Purr EP. I was turned on to "No Police" by this stoner guy I used to write with in my college newspaper who took acid and mushrooms and had a thing for trippy music, and I remember being absolutely gobsmacked by that song. It's still one of my favorite songs of the decade. The album, which came out of nowhere or me, had some fun songs too. I wasn't a die-hard anyway, and I probably won't stop listening to her, but I'll just steer clear of her socials.
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  12. I mean, this is a complete turn around from yesterday's "apology" which makes me not believe it at all.
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  13. Does she even have a fanbase? For all I've seen of her she's able to perform like once a year for 100 people
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  15. It's 2018, is it too hard not to be homophobic? I know this is quite a naively rhetorical question, but this is disappointing. Her apology doesn't seem genuine. Do better.
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  16. One of her biggest songs (? I'm guessing ) makes fun of Asian people so I'm not too shocked but this was completely avoidable on her behalf. At least I didn't stream her album yet?
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  17. Wow people really give anyone clout regardless of talent or civility, hey?

    Anyways, happy to see that this is hopefully over before it even began because the music is god awful. The internet is at the point than anyone with a microphone and an audible voice is able to speak some nonsense over a melodically devoid track and develop some sense of popularity.

  18. The song is up on streaming services
  19. Go To Town is a serious bop though.

    Maybe I AM a faggot.
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