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Doja Cat - Amala (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Well Juicy did that job!
  2. Had no idea who she was but loved Tia Tamera when it randomly came on my Spotify. Obsessed with that track.

    Her feature on Pusha T's Sociopath is great too.
  3. Yeah Doja is amazing!!!! You will love her album!
    But the girl on Pusha T's Sociopath is Kash Doll not Doja Cat. Kash Doll is amazing as well!! Her debut album Stacked is coming on Oct 4!
    I made a thread for Kash Doll but looks like no one wants to give her a chance!
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  4. Sleep deprivation is real.

    In any event, both cool artists.
  5. Go To Town is such a basic megabop.

    D to the TF
    Got your BF in my DMs

  6. Xtina's Rich Bitch necklace from Your Body's impact.

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  7. Bottom Bitch is so freaking catchy. LOVE.
  8. I totally agree! It works better than Juicy for me.
  9. I wouldn't mind an album with that soundscape. It's already one of my favorite songs.
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  10. I love Bottom Bitch. I'm really into this trend of blending sad hip hop/R&B with grunge elements. The riff is addictive.
  11. You would be happy to know that she is releasing her sophomore album next month.
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  12. Album cover:

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