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Doja Cat - Hot Pink (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Yeah, unfortunately this has gone on for a while with the more we start to see. Her starting off so young and being in this situation nearly 7 years later is part of why it’s so concerning. It’s not just a teen being curious and trolling or whatever (which is what I initially read and believed before this recent occurrence), she seems to be completely immersed in this dangerous community, which is ironic now considering how they’ve turned on her.
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  2. Yeah, when this information got posted in this thread a few days back, I got an uneasy feeling in my chest, but everything that's been revealed today has definitely disgusted me.

    It's weird to view her as some sort of alt-right/incel darling, especially now that she's old enough to know better and successful enough to leave all of these peculiar habits behind her.

    Between the lewd sexual acts performed for these men, the speculation of her allowing them to call her the n-word, her recording of "D*ndu N*ffin" (which people are speculating to be about Sandra Bland), and her use of the f-slur in the past, this pattern of behavior is absolutely troubling.

    There's so much unpacking to do about how and why she immersed herself into this culture.
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  3. Yeah, this is such an unfortunate and complex situation. I imagine she has been engaging with these groups/sites online for much longer than 7 years, with access to the internet at a pretty young age. I say this mostly from personal experience, because to be honest... same. I was given access to the internet at like 10/11 years old and without any supervision I did end up going on 4ch*n/adjacent sites. My guess is that she was initially just young and curious and with the ability to be completely anonymous on those sites, it steered her sadly in the wrong direction. Add whatever traumas she has likely faced in her life and the anonymous escapism, where she can be both admired for the wrong reasons and treat others awfully, makes sense. It seems like she never found an alternative space to change her outlook in a more positive way and that community has followed her up to this point. To be frank, I'm saying this as someone who likely could have turned out the same way had I not found another community online that made me a much more compassionate person.

    What is also interesting, for a lack of a better word, is that I doubt this will be the last time something like this happens. With so many of these young artists being raised by the internet in some way, the 4ch*n frequenting popstar was something that was eventually going to happen. I just never would have expected it to be Doja Cat.
  4. This is such a great post which really addresses a term I didn't even think about: escapism. Given her open acknowledgement that her father left her family—and given that her father is responsible for her blackness—it makes so much sense that she possibly channeled that into seeking attention from mostly white men on racist forums. (I don't mean to psychoanalyze her as if I know her whole life story, though. Only Doja knows for sure why she did it and keeps doing it, but I'm just offering such my own rationale.)
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  5. I think it does matter, & this isn't directed toward you at all, but in general - because it shows how utterly ineffective these ~cancellations~ are. Again, not even speaking of *this site*, but more with the Twitter crowd. I'm just trying to figure out, what's the goal? Another iPhone Notes app apology to add to the scrapbook?

    Doja wasn't ever cancelled before, she just climbed to #1. With a white rapist producer taking most of the profit, & an added featured artist who married a rapist. And they were in direct competition for #1 with a felon pedophile, & Justin Bieber.

    So what's the point. What do people want? We have racism, homophobia, pedophilia, rape... And these people are more successful than ever. I get that Doja comes from a ~complicated background~, but a lot of people do. When you stream Say So, you're supporting at least two rapists + whatever Twitter decides to label Doja.

    People can punch out thinkpieces all they want, but it seems like people, possibly even including some who take part in those thinkpieces, are still happy to stream & bop to their music & send them to #1, so... does anyone actually care outside of saying so, or is this just the Twitter hot topic for the week? What's the end goal?
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  6. This is heartbreaking and not in a 'Lana being an idiot' kind of way so all the 'haha gays bopped to Juicy!' comments are out of place. It's deeper and says more about social dynamics, how children are raised and how fucked up everything is than it says about Doja. I'm sad.
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  7. Also the gays can't get their faves inside the Hot 100 Het Seekers in January, so you can stop with the 'y'all gave her No 1s!!' rhetoric, it's straight teens on TikTok that gave her the push and Say So being an undeniable banger.
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  8. Finally found this twitter thread again, and feel free to tell me if it's out of line to post it in this thread, but I remember being enlightened by it at the time. It's quite long and touches on many points regarding the ways alt-right communities recruit people, and make the most depressed ones feel empowered or even part of a family. I think it could relate to the ongoing discussion.

  9. Definitely. And there’s a lot we can’t really confirm because, let’s face it, the information we’re being given is ultimately coming from these same men who want to harm her for whatever reason. What’s real and what’s not is very muddy without explicit proof. That’s another reason why I want to hear from her directly, and I hope she’s allowed to.

    As far as that song goes, I don’t know. I feel like it would have been hidden/wiped altogether if there was something malicious or intentionally controversial on her part about it, but it’s been readily available on YouTube and Soundcloud for a minute. People who follow her more closely have said it’s mocking those who use the term while others say the opposite, but as far as I can tell she’s never addressed it. But there’s still so much other stuff to deal with even without that track.
  10. I don't really buy this. Obviously those losers are jumping at any opportunity to drag her now but the original LSA thread was started by a black women who used tinychat with her friends and just happened to see Doja Cat in the directory. Now people who have seen her in these chatrooms over the years are corroborating the original story with their own receipts.
  11. Wow, just catching up with some of the stuff in this thread because I'm more of a casual fan.

    I had no idea she was so 'online' - Tinychats, Insta-live, history with 4Chan types. It's kinda crazy.

    I then looked up her age - she's only 24 (?!)

    She wouldn't be the first successful artist to have issues with problematic behaviour, abusive relationships, substance abuse issues etc. - it's just so surreal because a lot of this stuff is being played out online for everyone to see.

    She's super talented and a beautiful woman, she deserves much better than this and I hope she gets the support she needs to overcome what are some seemingly deep rooted self esteem/psychological issues.
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  12. RJF


    nn this is kind of fascinating. It's not the usual PR fuck up of saying something dumb and its origins being easy to track, there's layers to this.
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  13. I just want to say thank you for your post, what a way to say it. It's just that sadly these thinkpieces are not as effective as changing the world in one day after one post. However, if they slowly change people, even as slow as one by one, we might improve as a world and hope for a better future.

    Our world is fucked up, sadly.

    It's not like when you go open your Spotify, and you click Say So to bop that an alert comes up and says you are about to support 2 rapists - are you sure? I think people probably prefer to stay blind than informed cuz "it's a good song - I'm not here for drama I just wanna listen". Kinda same as meat in the supermarket or restaurants - you see the lovely burgers in the menu, but not things that went on with getting there, such as killed animals... People don't see, hear, or have felt the pain that these people have brought onto others, except when the media writes a bit about it. Then it quickly dies out again and it is too easy to deny as non-existent as it has never existed for them, or they do not relate at all.

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  14. Who is the second rapist on Say So? Because if you're referring to Onika, being associated with a rapist doesn't make someone a rapist...
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  15. It doesn't make her a rapist, no, but she chose to marry one & ultimately financially supports one.
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  16. Hmmm. She’s been getting trolled by these men for a while because she didn’t show her boobs and she mocked them. I found the LSA thread, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this person happened to stumble upon her in that chatroom, which they admit they knew she was active in, and suddenly had all this information and her nudes (which they posted). None of this is defending her, I just don’t necessarily buy that this isn’t coming from the same group of men she pissed off.
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  17. In reality I’m just a glamorous person
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  18. I still can’t believe sites like 4chan and Tinychat (?!) are still around, like... I feel ancient.
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  19. Also, I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not, or if it’s necessarily true, but from following her off and on since 2014, her Twitter always seemed to give off the vibe that she’s a bit of a loner and had no real friends around her. So it makes sense that this led to her frequenting these weird chat sites that I’ve also never heard of.
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  20. As someone who's the same age as her and was "extremely online" like... years before I hit puberty, what's striking about the discourse around this is it emphasises how far we are from having the language or frameworks to talk about how immersion in these kinds of worlds (meaning rootless anything-goes digital-native communities, not talking ideology here) from that young an age is completely embedded in how we relate to (probably outdated) notions of community, morality, identity, sex, etc for life. The jump to cancel / make this into a "scandal" makes me feel icky for that reason. This is such a dark and complex situation.

    (I don't know enough about her outside of "Say So" and "Mooo" and her social media presence to be invested in the details of what's happening, just thought I'd add my 2c.)
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