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Doja Cat - Hot Pink (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. This is how I feel, and also as someone not super invested into her... It doesn't sound *to me* like she needs to be cancelled, although I guess that is an individual person's choice on what they choose to do. But it definitely sounds like she needs some help... some therapy, counseling, something. I feel kind of bad for her, to see people online calling her names and judging her so harshly, Yes it is... A surprising thing to hear about, she's been really roped in mentally by these clearly questionable white guys, probably at a formative age. I don't see any reason to believe she's evil, she's just made some choices to feel comfortable around people who she should not feel comfortable with.
    Rambling now, but, I hope she gets help because I think that's what she needs, especially when the internet is saying some shitty stuff to her.
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  2. Y'all are giving me war flashbacks. I started using the internet regularly and unsupervised as a seven year old, and I turned into the biggest edgelord for a long time. It's easy to get pulled in even on that surface level without the depths and contexts that make her situation so sad and dark.
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  3. dddd I saw someone say Cyber Sex is now a femcel anthem ":/".
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  4. Guys, it's okay for this girl to go away for a while because of this. She clearly has such a deep loathing that fame won't help.

    She will survive if she doesn't make music.

    Remember, cancel culture doesn't exist. The only people it's been successful for WENT TO JAIL.
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  5. This story is such a sad one, but perhaps it important as a discussion about these types of worlds and why issues like these have a lot of complex layers.

    I really don't know how to feel about it but sadness. Since age 7-8 I have pretty much lived on the internet. My parents used it to distract and parent me when they couldn't or where working (post divorce), and I know exactly the kind of accidental brush ups with dark stuff you can experience when you live in those worlds and rely on them, and are young and impressionable and want to make a space for yourself.

    It's just... pretty concerning that she still engages so hard with this, even recently, when you would think age/experience/success could teach her or pull her from that? I hope she can get some assistance.
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  6. This is really sad actually.
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  7. I didn’t know she talked about this to journalists... Well. Doja’s extremely online so I know she’s been lurking and reading everything - hopefully she’s seeing insightful commentary too and not just jokes.

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  8. The fact that she used to skip school to hang out with these people and now at 24 years old and at the summit of the Billboard charts she's doing the same thing. She's skipping out on her career for these weirdos instead. That is honestly so sad. I'm not gonna pretend like I understand it, but I do realise it's layered and deep rooted and, well.. I just hope she's able to realise she's worth more?
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  9. Is it that much worse than me still hanging around this pink hell after 9 years though? Really puts some things in perspective nn
  10. Something about this conversation on here hasn’t been entirely sitting right with me. I understand that it’s sad how Doja has fallen into this community of people as a mixed-race woman, but, for some reason, I felt the dialogue on here largely absolves her of accountability for knowingly bumping elbows with white supremacists. And now I comprehend why.

    This twitter thread, while short, makes a tremendous point about why this is still not okay and that we need to not pathologize her issues away.

  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Well it's not really the same but do you
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  12. This is... kind of a glib joke. Unless being on this forum for 9 years has turned you into a desensitized, self loathing individual then I guess.
  13. It was obviously a joke, I thought the "nn" was enough to identify it as such.

    Well guess what Mimi
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  14. RJF


    And what about it?
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  15. I also think that, while a lot of the discussion from Twitter has (expectedly) been centered on memes and kind of cackling at the absurdity of this, it's important to remember that these online chats breed real harm – racist, misogynistic attacks, killings, and mass murders. Early this year there was an incel-inspired killing in my city by a 17-year-old kid that left a young mother dead. The idea that she's doing it for kiis or a sexual thrill, or whatever the reason, while people are dying... really just doesn't sit well with me.
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  16. I respect you both. It might just be me treading this thread very carefully due to the nature of the topic, but these jokes would be funnier if they were posted in Random Thoughts I think.
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  17. Oh, please. Everyone is getting their kiis and cackles both here and in Lana's thread. Yes, it is a serious subject, but let's not jump to victimize Doja and coddle her just because her situation is more layered. Besides that, the joke was at my own expense, not hers.
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    Or by other posters nn
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Another disconnect I have with this thread lies in the fact that I've been on the internet for as long as I can talk. I've been almost everywhere you can think, yet I never stumbled upon sites or communities infamous for racism and supremacy. If anything, I've been warned about them. My dad never explicitly knew that places like 4chan and the subforums of Reddit existed, but he knew of racist crevices of the internet, and he always tried to steer me in the right direction as a young black girl so I wouldn't enter sites that would permanently scar me. I think that's the difference. Even to this day, I have never visited 4chan.

    A lot of white people who grew up on the internet found these sites and found solace in them. I grew up warned about them so I wouldn't be ashamed of who I am.
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