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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Didn't see a thread for this girl so I thought i'd start one.

    Doja Cat is making waves on the Interwebs. The 18-year-old singer/rapper is from LA and is signed to MAU Records/Sony. Her debut EP "Purrr!" hit iTunes on August 5th 2014, featuring her most well known song 'So High' and 4 other tracks. She masters the art of almost meow-ing over slow/mid-tempo beats that makes ME want to sunbathe with a glass of red wine in my right hand and a smoke in the left... Something I have yet to accomplish in the British weather.

    Songs to listen to:

    - So High
    - Control
    - No Police

    Anyway, get into her PJ.

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  2. She tweeted "Back in the stuu yo. Starting 2015 with the ill vibes" yesterday.

    Hopefully some great new music to come!
    Also Doja is Becky G's hot friend in the "Shower" video.
  3. Somebody sent me 'Control' a few weeks ago and I really like it. Interested to see what a full album from her will sound like.
  4. ICONIC already.

    No Police is fantastic.
  5. Getting her life to Shower:


    Did you listen to the EP Vas?
  6. K94


    She's only 18 - what even??
  7. Yup, and she's already talking about "panties on the marble floor, guess my pants is fancy". Amazing.
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  8. So High is rather good sounding!
  9. Love the whole EP. A new fave has come *Simply Red feels*
  10. I was at a house party a couple of months ago and everyone was pretty out of it. Someone put on Doja Cat and I instantly loved her - but the next day I could for the life of me remember what in the hell her name was or what the songs were called. I was so annoyed! Weeks passed and then I saw someone post a pic of the EP on Instagram, quoting the lyrics or something basic like that. Anyway I googled the name on a hunch and voila, I found my girl. I'm slightly obsessed - 'So High' and 'No Police' are amazing.
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  12. This girl is so quotable, I love her. She needs to become a mega star
  13. 'So High' is mesmerising, but 'No Police' is better, however I think 'Control' might be my favourite song by her. Just beautiful. For 18 she's really wise beyond her years (if she's writing these herself). Amazing.
  14. I just found her out recently and oh my God, So High is so fucking good and also hilarious. The video......... I can't.
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  15. MEGA BOP!
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  16. Heard Go To Town for the first time a few days ago. It's really good.
  17. Loving her “comeback” tracks so far. Where has she been the last 3 years?
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  18. I saw her live on Periscope randomly like a year or so ago. I told her I liked the banana skirt she had hanging around her lamp and she went into a really long rant about how fake people are and how nothing people say is real. That was my first introduction to her so it was weird seeing this thread pop up today.
  19. This doesn't surprise me. I'll still bop though.
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