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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. This is a small/spinoff station of the main Capital FM that only broadcasts on digital. We’ll have to see if the main station adds the song on Friday.

    Radio 1 plays the original version all the time though.
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  2. Damn, I was hoping it meant something more nn. I've been hammering the remix all day and think it could be really big.
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  3. This could be Disclosure's biggest hit in years
  4. This is fantastic. Way to really bop it up.
  5. I like this way more than the original ddd
  6. I love the cover so much
  7. The Disclosure remix is absolutely sublime. Such a great move to throw this out for the cigs and summer.
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  8. Speaking of remixes, why isn't the video mix on streaming yet?
  9. I want a 7” vinyl ugh
  10. My god, when the second half of the chorus hit at the end of the remix I screamed and almost crashed my car. The girls did THAT.
  11. The Disclosure remix is IT
  12. It is for me? It’s called the Silhouette remix

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  13. Oh. For some reason, it didn't click with me that Silhouette was referring to the TikTok challenge. I thought that it was the name of a producer, ddd.
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  14. Oh this song is gonna be even bigger with these remixes? Can’t wait!
  15. So good this song and on repeat!
  16. K94


    Had my face like


    the whole time. Disclosure always know what they have to do on a remix.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Imagining this remix on the Grammy's stage wheewwwww - incredible!!
  18. I love how the remix brings out those backing vocals more. They’ve always been a favorite part of the song for me – they’re so hypnotic and haunting.
  19. Why did they remove the Disclosure remix from New Music Friday? It was there in the morning.

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