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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. At least we still have Demi.
  2. Well I’m happy for both Doja and Nicki . Say So is one of the songs of this year and whether you like her or not Nicki was well overdue a number 1 on Hot 100 !
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  3. Congrats to Doja and Nicki! Not you Dr Luke you can choke. Now we need to get Savage to go #1 and block 6ix9ine next week.
  4. upu


    Let the celebrations begin

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  5. She still doesn’t have a Grammy, so there’s always that!
  6. RMK


    I'd be bitter if after 109 chart entries and over a decade I didn't have a number one. I'm happy for Doja, but Nicki getting this with a phoned-in verse on a remix - that won't count for more than two weeks - isn't the most exciting.
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  7. It all feels so fake and contrived. This should have been Doja's moment and Doja's alone, God knows she's earned it. No tacky remix can ever take away the cultural impact that Say So has had and is still yet to have, though.
  8. RMK


    Doja will probably get her solo week as it steadily climbs on radio. I don't think outside a chart statistic it really feels like Nicki Minaj's hit.
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  9. Nicki holding Doja to this.

  10. Doja going on live to tell everyone she’s not showing her boobs and having a wardrobe malfunction right after, I just.
  11. Everyone involved in sending this dreadful remix to #1 can kindly choke.
  12. That's Katy's thing tbh
  13. Nicki still doesn't have a solo number one

  14. Love to see this being celebrated.

  15. Ah! What an amazing moment in history! Let's keep it go-

  16. RMK


    On Insta Live Q+A mode she accidentally bookmarked "Collab with Azalea Banks??" and started laughing pretending she didn't see it (lol)
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  17. I’m watching her live and her personality is so great !
  18. I do love that this epic chart battle ended with a twist. Couldn’t be happier for Doja and the representation of that Top2. That said, disappointed we have Like back on top & Nicki’s biphobic nonsense.
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  19. Not this video being the manifestation of the “I pretend I do not see it” meme

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