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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Okay, that really looks like a photoshopped tweet. The formatting of it is so... off.
  2. I tried to find any proof of it and all the mentions of it are from yesterday all originating from that Instagram account that has watermarked the tweet. Even when she had a smaller following someone would've quote tweeted that on Twitter, but there are no traces of it there either.
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  3. It's always weird to me when people make up things and pass them off as "receipts" during times of controversy like this. Like, there are already unsavory things that have been proven to be true about her, and people wanna make up extra stuff? Trifling.
  4. The formatting mimics an Android phone’s version of Twitter. However, I’ve seen plenty of her old tweets dug up before this, but never that one until this past weekend. I reversed searched the screenshot and it takes me to a Barbz tweet from yesterday. Quoting it in Google gives the same results, and there’s nothing on WayBack’s archive of her Twitter...
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  5. K94


    "Sorry that you're upset" rather than "sorry for my actions" never really sits well with me, but I've been so weirded out and disillusioned about this whole situation and I'm not really sure what to think of it. I just hope she makes some much-needed changes.
  6. I regret to inform everyone I've really been throwing my lil tinychat booty to Like That today after checking out the leaked video :/
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  7. Well you can't disable comments on twitter ddd.

    She's obviously not being 100% truthful about everything but i'm happy she seems to be taking this seriously and not treating it like another joke. I hope this is a wake up call for her to get it together.
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  8. I believe they're actually testing that feature on certain users right now, which will only end well obviously.
  9. Oop.
  10. They are. I’m getting 3 options, “everyone can reply” “people you follow” and “only people you mention”.
  11. She’s addressed it and apologised so I thinks it’s time to move on now if we can move on from other music artists past scandals (not mentioning any names) then I’m sure we can do the same here .
  12. Regardless if you’re black or not – I don’t know, it’s really not your place to tell anyone how they should be processing this shocking situation. Yes, she spoke out, but people need more time than a few hours to “move on”. This is not your average artist scandal. It is deeply complicated and nuanced, so we’re definitely not going to go around telling anyone to “move on” just because the conversation might be uncomfortable or inconvenient for you. And if you’re not black, then really you should just sit there and eat your food.
  13. I am black .. but yeah let’s not make this in to a big debate please . I just think she’s publicly apologised now and I’m not saying what she done was right but if we can move on from far worse than then this I don’t see why the same can’t be done here.
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    If it's not a big deal for you cute but this situation opens up conversation on bigger issues than this singular incident, from internalized anti-blackness to online radicalisation. It's not something that can just be brushed off especially when, as others have said these issues are rather complex. Apologies, in essence, dont really mean anything at all apart from acknowledging that one's actions were wrong and to be honest she didnt really do that.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I feel like people would appreciate being able to decide for themselves how they wish to go forward, rather than skirting over the issues on display here because you say so.
  16. You can still quote retweet people however so there’s still an avenue for people to respond to tweets.
  17. There needs to be talk about mixed race individuals who use Black optics while harboring anti-Black sentiment. That's why Ms. OnlyKKKlans isn't getting off the hook with that weak ass, half ass apology.
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  18. Not Onlyklans!!!
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  19. She’s on live
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  20. Her responses thus far are very interesting to hear, especially as someone who was on Tinychat frequently with friends from 2012-2015 and never encountered some of the things Doja talking about (although we didn't spend much time in the public chatrooms either versus our own so...). She just said she's drunk. The craziest part about this is hearing her read from the possibly label-sent bulletins like "Next point.. that I stripped for white supremacists online".
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