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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. There’s something so off and insincere with her energy. She gives me major Marnie / Allison Williams in anything she’s ever been in.
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  2. I'm not sure what to make of that apology, but I'm also not who she needs to apologize to. Either way, I'm not sure that the apology will make much of an impact. Those who have turned against her as a result of this I imagine won't be changing their minds anytime soon, and the diehard fans will continue to be fans. We've kind of seen this played out in different ways for other artists already. She might still be able to get some hits but I don't think she'll be able to ride that same perfect wave that she got with "Say So," which even that had its controversy due to the Dr. Luke production and plagiarism accusation.
  3. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if this affects her in any substantial way. The video someone posted on the previous page made a good point: she started as a product of social media – we lifted her up, so while there was a level of obligation to address this before she could ever truly move on, she’s got The Machine behind her now. If they want her to continue being successful, she will be. And that’s on top of the fact that most people brushed this whole thing off to begin with.

    As far as there not being another storm in a bottle moment like “Say So”... maybe, but I feel like that was probably never going to happen again mainly due to the Luke situation instead of this one.
  4. Isn’t Like That blowing up @strangekin bussy right now?
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  5. It was last time I checked, but that was before all this nn
  6. [​IMG]

    100% this.

    I confess I'm a massive cynic and always presume the worst out of public figures, but it bothers me profoundly when adults seem gullible and wholeheartedly accept any and everything a pop artist (for example) says it's true. Someone doesn't necessarily care just because they say they do - something isn't necessarily a risk or transgression just because someone says it is. People lie - especially when millions of dollars, fame and a career are at stake.
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  7. I mean what is there to disprove here, she did those things, it was caught on video. If she had done nothing wrong, she wouldn't be apologizing in the first place.

    As for addressing it, she admitted there was racism in those rooms and that she brushed it off. Whether that makes it any better than it being a room dedicated to white supremacists is another story.

    She admitted she was throwing around the n word. Maybe to her, being half black and being blackout drunk means calling people the n word with the hard r isn't antiblack or is excusable. Others might not think so.

    The whole thing is sus no matter how you spin it. I can respect the way she went about her apology and also know that just because she apologized doesn't mean she's 100% exonerated. At the end of the day, whether she's saying sorry or not she still did those things and ultimately it's up to the affected individuals to decide if they want to accept the apology or not.
  8. [​IMG]

    Tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-that's my shit, that's my wave
    Do it like that and I'll repay it
    Don't be scared, I ain't afraid
    Just like that, come my way
    That's my shit, that's my wave
    Do it like that and I'll repay it
    Don't be scared, I ain't afraid
    Just like that, come my way (Yeah)

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  9. I always sung that's my weave noooo
  10. I thought it was weed. Mess.
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  11. I thought it was wig.

    That's my shit, that's my wig
  12. But why
  13. Mr.Arroz

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  14. Don't look at my hairline xo

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  15. Not Loctor Duke...
  16. Lil Wayne? Lil Wayne? But why?
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  18. She’s still getting dragged by trolls, but I’m glad that hasn’t stopped her from posting and sharing links/info.
  19. Well... she’s at it again

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