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Doja Cat - Hot Pink

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by allyshone, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. demonic
  2. Well... Doja’s part should be good
  3. I always get a bit uncomfortable when adults sing about getting high and being young to appeal to kids.
    Like... It's not as cool as they think it is.
  4. Doja’s like 24 and I’m sure she still does that stuff as a lot of people her age do so.
  5. This is so weird shsjjsskls
  6. Anne-Marie isn't even 30, Doja is 24, and young adults smoke weed too. What is this take.
  7. Well, I can confidently say that Streets is definitely one of the best tracks off of Hot Pink (ignoring the singles and such because Cyber Sex and Say So are just massive)
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  8. Also a lot of people...don't smoke weed to "look cool", like what.
  9. Is this the song Normani's team passed on? Maybe they made the right decision with that one...

    Why would you massacre Beautiful like that... Doja Cat's part was the only good thing about it.
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  10. Oh wow...
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  11. when you do clownery....
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  12. Well, she did say she was going to get it nn

    Glad she’s fine now.
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  13. Did she get it during the Like That music video shoot?
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  14. I think the Like That video was shot before the lockdown. She said she probably got the virus because she kept ordering Postmates so she might have touched something.
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  15. Sure jan
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  16. “I’m gonna get corona, and I’m gonna get a Corona.”

    Queen of manifesting. ❤️
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  17. This clip reminding me of her chronic stuffy nose ddd.
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