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Doja Cat - “Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)” + Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. When is this on Spotify?
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  2. Why does the second verse sound like early Marina vocals? lmao
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Doja is honestly one of the most fun pop girls in ages.
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  4. This is actually amazing and pleasantly faceless in a NADIA OH type of way. Give me more sterile bops!
  5. Not sure what this is for

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  6. This is on the verge of being a proper smash . Would love a performance of it on something !

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  7. Queen of making literally anything a bop.
  8. “Kiss Me More” is supposedly dropping on Friday!

    Fans also think she’s typing out a sentence to announce this dd

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  9. No Dr. Fluke? We won!!!!
  10. And over three minutes!? We really won.
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  11. Preparing myself for it to be “co-produced” by him

    In other news, it seems like she’s shooting something in the desert today based on her stylist and manager’s stories
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  12. Yeti Beats produced Bottom Bitch so I’m here for it! But I will also not be surprised if “Tyson Trax” shows up on the credits.
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  13. The song is very breezy, midtempo and fun. Think this will go down well on here.
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  14. I cannot wait for the single/album artwork. I don't have much of an idea as to what I should expect, and that makes it even more thrilling.
  15. I’m praying Brett pulled some strings and got LaChapelle or someone on that level for the album art. Karol G randomly got him for hers (which was also styled by Brett), so I’m busting out the Alejandro candles
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  16. Keanu Reeves in The Matrix could never!
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  17. She’s in such a great position to slide into an imperial phase with this timing. I’m so perched.
  18. SZA collab and possibly no Lukas? Alright i'm awake and alert.
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