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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Figured we could start fresh for her post-breakthrough era

    We're finally getting these bops

  2. She’s been shooting something for the last few days. Two looks we’ve seen

    And of course an obligatory Planet Her tweet

  3. Really interested to see what direct she chooses to go in. Her profile and level of fame/commercial success was radically different in the lead up to Hot Pink compared to now. I’m guessing Streets might get Juicy’d onto the 3rd album if it keeps smashing?
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  4. Drinking wine to "Kiss It Better", my kinda gal.

    The influences she spoke about in August (holy shit) make me excited but it's been so long since that interview, who knows what changes have been made?
  5. Not sure. Doja has said the album is coming regardless if it smashes or not (which seems to imply that the single is coming pretty soon) and people within her team have supposedly said they have no plans to shoot a video for it.
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  6. Her Twitter display names always send me.

    I revisited her videography this morning and it got me really thirsty for whatever's coming next. The influences she's mentioned so far have some serious potential
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  7. Oh, I just noticed Sony took the "Payday" clip I had in the first post down
  8. I think it's smart to keep pushing forward with the single/album. Doja's in a position where even if the single flops & the initial rollout isn't perfect, TikTok will take care of the rest of the campaign nn. She doesn't need to be focusing on 1 single at a time.
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  9. Nn it just seems like a huge mistake to squander a potential smash (like, the streaming numbers for Strerts are unreal at this point). Especially when it’ll end up cannibalizing the lead single off the new album. Like damn ma just give it two months is it really that serious.
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  10. Eh, I think there's something to be said about label budgets and whatnot. They're not likely going to devote time and money pushing an old track when they have new stuff waiting. Pushing stuff back costs money as well. They could very well have promotional spots lined up that they don't want to miss, especially since she can't tour currently. "Streets" can still smash with another single out, especially if the other single is more pop leaning.
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  11. Will the TikTok omnipresence ever end?!

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  12. When will it be Go To Town’s turn??
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  13. It needs to be Rules, Bottom Bitch and Talk Dirty’s turn first!
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  15. Coming for that #1.

    Hope "Streets" continues to smash and we get a video for "N.A.S.", preferably with a Kelis feature on the remix.
  16. She looks amazing

  17. It's insane and so funny to me that a new track from Hot Pink goes viral what feels like every few weeks and smashes harder than most artist's actual singles.

    I'm beyond excited for Planet Her. She wasn't really on my radar aside from a song here and there this time last year, and now she's an artist that I'll listen to anything she's on because she's usually the highlight of the track. So ready for a new project from her, and I have faith that she'll deliver.
  18. If anything, it should give majors the incentive to trust the album format and invest in it long-term. Hot Pink still feels brand new to me, with the way it's constantly keeping the hype fresh. Looking forward to Planet Her!
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  19. I've said this in another thread but Doja, The Weeknd, Harry Styles and Dua have both proved that you don't have to give up on an album after release week, and getting a post-album hit is still very much possible. We don't have to wind the clock back to 2010, but a little more sustained label attention would make for much more engaging album cycles.
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  20. The songs and videos just need to be good.
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