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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. She's drunk on live right now talking about wanting her next album to be produced by Jay Versace and 9th Wonder, and saying she'd drop a pop EP to satisfy her white fans dd.
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  2. The way she's been on for the last 3 hours and dragging the internet for half of it.
  3. Snapchat has those stupid like... News feed stories things, and one was "Doja Cat Hates Her Career" and I was like "Okay lemme watch this for a second" and it was literally saying that "Oh she's talked about this before, and look at how much she hated performing Say So". Like gurl, you do not have a story here.
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  4. Double albums never work.
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  5. She never actually said double album from what I can remember. She wanted them to be separate projects entirely. An EP of pop/rap hits for the “Say So” and “Need to Know” stans, so she could release a separate project on the side more in the vein of “Streets” and stuff she wants to do that may not necessarily be commercial enough to smash.
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  6. Dd gotta be from around this time

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  7. 2022 is already wild.
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  8. She looks so good. Glad to see she bounced back from being sick

  9. Another two songs got certified this week, Need To Know goes Gold and Ain't Shit went Silver. Get Into It (Yuh) is probably weeks away from going Silver too. Posted a recap below of all her achievements but by certifications alone she's sold 4.4 million albums and singles, probably closer to 5 million though. Planet Her era has been huge for her here, they need to keep milking it.

    Hot Pink (Gold)
    Planet Her (Gold)

    Say So (Platinum)
    Kiss Me More (Platinum)

    Boss Bitch (Gold)
    Streets (Gold)
    Need To Know (Gold)
    Woman (Gold)

    Juicy (Silver)
    Rules (Silver)
    Like That (Silver)
    You Right (Silver)
    Ain't Shit (Silver)
    Best Friend w/Saweetie (Silver)
    Motive w/Ariana Grande (Silver)
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  10. Curious when they'll drop the "Get Into It (Yuh)" video
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  11. The way everything she touches becomes a hit... except Baby, I'm Jealous. Poor Bebe nn
  12. Woman finally overtook Need to Know on Spotify (558m streams, still top 20 on global). Kiss Me More will hit 1bn next week.

    I wonder if she's still planning a new album for this year or if it's too soon?
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  13. She's performing at the Brits and hopefully she'll perform Woman.
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  14. New peak for Woman on this week’s Hot 100:

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  15. I’m currently on holidays and drunkenly made out with a cute boy on the beach last night soundtracked by Planet Her. We bonded over our shared love of her endless stream of bops. I choose to believe that this debauchery is exactly what she would want.
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