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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. 25 weeks in the Hot 100 with a #52 peak... whew.
  2. Get Into It is finally coming! Feels like its moment has passed, but I wouldn't be mad if this gives it a resurgence. It remains my favorite track on the album.

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  3. A winning.
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  4. Yes, finally!
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  5. Manifesting this going #1 instantly. It's one of her best songs.
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  6. The unfortunate thing is that it almost certainly had a chance at #1 a few months ago, but it's since fallen out of the top 200 on Apple Music and is out of the top 50 on Spotify (hovering around #80 - #100 for the last little while, I believe). If the video is super buzzy I can see it getting a nice boost, but radio already has four of her songs in the top 60, so I don't see it gaining any traction there now.

    That said, hers is a good problem to have. Basically so many songs started smashing simultaneously that it was near-impossible for her team to keep up with what was gaining traction where and properly push it. Get Into It is at nearly 250M streams on Spotify without any real push.
  7. They've done the best they can in terms of organising a release strategy despite all the songs smashing on streaming at the same time. Need To Know and Woman have both had their own single era's and sustained success post-album which is really good.

    However, internationally at least, both of these songs peaked back in October and November. You can still hear them every day on the radio but it'll be good for them to roll out something new. Doja's got the Brits performance next month and will probably do a small radio tour, dropping in on Kiss, Radio 1 and Capital. This will be the perfect song to push for her promo's here.
  8. Hope upcoming performances are of "Get Into It".

    Hope it goes #1.

    Hope we get a big-name feature on a remix.
  9. I don't think any big name feature could match her energy on that song. I'm happy with it remaining a solo song.
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  10. I don't disagree but to give this campaign some longevity and the single's performance a boost, I think Lil Nas X would be a perfect match. Especially if he doesn't have plans to release his Doja collab.
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  11. Her team is killing it with all this content. I can't wait for the Twister Dance remix!

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  12. "Naked" needs it's moment next.
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  13. Tonight! I'm ready

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  14. Not her most creative moment that's for sure. But it's cute!
  15. Love it! But damn the video makes the song fly by even more.
  16. It's so fun. I love her sense of humor (when she's not tweeting "poop" or "fart" or whatever the fuck). Her styling has been really great this era.
  17. Whew the TBoz in the No Scrubs video vibes Doja gives off in the short pink wig.
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