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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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    I also think because this has been sprung upon her so quickly (fame and visibility) that there really is no true way to teach or form strategies in the moment of how to protect and realign yourself. Sometimes in the wake of really impactful moments like these, it really moves you to realize what your needs are and what boundaries should be erected. I think she has a world of goodwill, an oasis of talent, and the ability to pull through. I just hope she has the resources around her to maintain support and come out from this unscarred.
  2. Dd I think she’s bouncing back in a very Doja way and talking up these Brazil shows because she knows Paraguay stans are beefing with them also

  3. She is not obligated to do it. But there are a lot of factors here in latin america that makes the situation very different compared to another part of the world, specially USA and Europe. I'm not on anyone's side but the situation here is completely see it on another way. I repeat she is not obligated to do it in any way but I can understand people's frustration, there is economical factors, people think the artist has a debt with them because of the hard effort to make it there and to pay a ticket to a concert. The vision on this part of the world is very different.

    If you understand spanish, she tells it like it is.
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  5. I mean, I understand the frustration completely. I just don’t agree with not just the blatant racism, but the outright lies being spread to make the situation out to be way worse than it actually was because they know how foolish the reality sounds.
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  6. Yes, totally , that is ignorance. Doja doesn't deserve any of that. I'm explaining the context, things are perceived differently on here.
  7. RJF


    Not Doja fanning the flames for war.
  8. Also screaming that that Cazzu girl just popped up on my timeline for an entirely different video where she mouths the N word from the same set of stories. I cannot.

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  9. Well looks like the only person she end was herself
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  10. She explains the situation like it is. You have to watch the entire story. I'm a fan of Kali Uchis but she is 100% right. And she understand Kali Uchis side. That Cazzu girl went from being born in one of the poorest province of this country and now is a star. You won't never understand her side because you are not here.
  11. When she’s sitting there mouthing the N word, I lose any sort of interest in seeing whatever her “side” or “entire story” is.
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    The problem is that even in light of Rosalía’s bs, and then this with the anti-Blackness that Doja is facing, is that other Spaniards and South + Central Americans have staunchly disagreed with you AND all over Twitter. This whole “you’re not regional” angle is the weakest rebuttal because it’s without foundation. You can’t put forth a monolithic argument when the clear issue is that there are Afro-Latinx people all throughout Central and South America AGAIN being silenced about their issues with white Latinx people and their treatment of Black people, whether in Latin America or not, currently in this case.

    I don’t need to have been born directly in Latin America to even VAGUELY detect the anti-Blackness throughout that region. And I don’t need to hear from white Latin Americans that are OK with their peers saying “ni**a” and other slurs to understand their side. They were owed a performance, they didn’t get one. If they had simply saw her as a person, as they wished of her, she may have chosen to reschedule. But again people act out their ass and become racist and likely lost their chance.
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  13. The whole situation has been so disgusting. I'd tell everyone to fuck off and go vacation somewhere for the next few months if I was her.
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  14. I'm lost. How does Kali Uchis fit into this story?
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    *Fantasia Got 2B Real voice*

  16. Well over here she is a national hero!

    Bathed in love and acclaim!

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  17. Insane again.
  18. I'm just catching up on the mess and....stans are so insanely entitled and I wish there were more larger conversations about it. To get mad that she doesn't want to go outside in a thunderstorm to talk to people she doesn't know (that have already invaded her privacy a bit by going to her hotel)....clown behavior.

    I get that some artists have greeted/hung out with fans in the past like this and had fun with it, but it should never be something that is expected of them.

    Reminded me of this. you really expect anyone to want to talk to you if you're screaming at them like that?
  19. Mr.Arroz

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    Dddd this person going private after getting backlash and then going “white Latinos exist but there is no such thing as white-passing in Latin America”. White Latinx people constantly getting like…52% of anything right, if that!
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  20. Ok she killed that. I’m not even sure of how she does ALL THAT but yeah. See her in any opportunity. She’s a treasure and raw talent. Will try to get some pics and a better review tomorrow.

    The way these Planet Her songs popped off… I can hear god.
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