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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Tinashe, her impact. Bad b- link up, indeed.
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  2. Wow, the video is gorgeous
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  3. This is so good.
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  4. Disappointed but not surprised at the Luke credit. Good thing the song is kinda basic. It's not doing anything for me.
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  5. The music video’s left me disappointed I can’t lie. It’s like it was hitting all the right beats but still felt sluggish.
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  6. They both look stunning in the video. My boo Alex Landi was looking mighty fine, too. The song isn't what I expected as her lead, but it's breezy and cute and feels like it could be a grower.
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  7. Video needed slightly more going on, and some of the scenes felt like they should've been sped up (as in filmed with the song playing slower, I guess) to give them a bit more energy?

    Visually very stunning though. And I suppose it's fitting that we got a perfectly nice but not ground-breaking video for a song of the same nature.
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  8. I agree that the video needed more. Especially since Doja always comes through with strong visuals. I always feel like heavy-CGI videos always end up looking a bit cheap.
  9. The video's kinda lifeless (save for that skit at the end) but whew, I could stare at Alex Landi all day.

    The song, on the other hand, is hitting all the right marks for me. It's currently scorching and all I want is to be on the beach as this plays. ":("
  10. Also agree with the comments on the video. There was promise but something felt off throughout.
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  11. I think it's pretty easily her best video next to "Streets" and a great intro to the world of Planet Her. Very excited to see what comes next if they're following the same rollout as Hot Pink.
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  12. The only part of the video I liked was the skit at the end.

    The imagery and styling in both the single cover and video feel very tacky. I get what they were going for but it doesn't quite work. It's odd cause the visuals last era were pretty much perfect.
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  13. It’s a breezy bop and I really like it, but it does feel like a bit like a Say So retread. I was hoping she would do something more bold to lead the album with.

    The video is cute and the skit at the end is brilliant. One of the rare times I’ve ever actually enjoyed a skit in a music video.
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  14. The song itself doesn’t feel like the moment she needed to kickstart a new era and what could easily be an imperial phase for her. Perched for more though, this feels like a precursor to a bigger, superstar single (I hope)
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  15. This is exactly the sort of breezy, chill bop I need heading into the summer months. Makes me want to head to a pool in the desert ASAP.

    I also really like the video. It hits exactly the same aesthetic notes as the song & suits the track perfectly.

    And can one of you send the model’s Insta? That would be great.
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  16. He’s actually an actor on Grey’s Anatomy!
  17. Umm this is fucking great. Totally hear the Lovefool vibes and they both play off each other so well.
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  18. The song is definitely a great chill bop that suits my mood right now as its getting warmer outside. Her mind! The video is gorgeous also as is the man candy. Wow.
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  19. I don’t know about y’all but this is a hit! For some reason the first comparison I could think of was “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol?? Mostly because of that beginning guitar ostinato which gives a melancholic feeling to the whole song. Very much throwing that ass in a circle, but while I’m so sad so sexy.
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