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Doja Cat - Planet Her

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Lives were changed

  2. Let's go! I wonder if they'll push for an Oscar with this.
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  3. The song is ineligible because of the Hound Dog sample.

  4. She just keeps winning.
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  5. I want this to be true so bad

  6. I really hope this is true. I really like the 'trend' (I know it's not new necessarily but it feels like it's occuring more often and with an increasing audience awareness now) of recruiting artists to curate and produce soundtracks/accompaniment pieces for landmark movies. It worked great for The Gift and Black Panther and allows artist to branch out to areas creatively that they may not necessarily get the opportunity to within their studio output.

    Doja is a perfect choice for this kind of project too because she has such a finger on the emerging culture online and also has pretty great taste (in my opinion).
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  7. Background for anyone who didn’t catch the DMs between Noah and Doja:

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  8. She probably shouldn’t have been DMing a minor to set her up with someone to be fair nn. Calling him out is gonna bite her in the ass I fear
  9. If the biggest pop star in the world messaged me when I was 17 I absolutely would have shared it. I’m not saying it’s right, but she shouldn’t be DMing a minor to set her up with someone.
  10. Yeah I mean, it kind of made me scream that she slid into a teenage boy's dms to set her up with someone. Noah obviously didn't mean malice by it and it's not like it looked bad on her either, people thought it was funny. Obviously Noah can learn from this to be careful about these things, but Doja should also not expect teenagers to be cool in those situations dd
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  11. I honestly just assumed he had asked her permission to post since she was already publicly thirsting over Joseph Quinn on Twitter for weeks now. Not to mention sharing DMs with celebs is a long-standing trend on TikTok. Lizzo had a whole series with Chris Evans.

    Anyway, this is a non-story that will ultimately be made worse by her responding to it. We already know you like pink tip sis!
  12. This is sending me.
  13. Pls
  14. ^ You learn something new everyday.
  15. This is a yikes for Doja in my opinion. Kids do stupid shit, but ultimately, whether in jest or not, you were asking a teenager to set you up with another adult and now you're drawing more attention to it. Should have just let that one go.
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  16. Yeah, I think the consensus online is that she should have left this alone and dealt with it privately. Posting someone’s DMs without their consent is rude, but what she did was inappropriate as well, regardless if she knew his age or not (I believe she said she wasn’t sure of his age, but knew he couldn’t be older than 21). Her commenting publicly drew way more attention to the situation than necessary. Best to take the L and move on.
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  17. Just read about this (pretty bizarre) story and I feel a bit comforted that even celebrities are awkward at dating.

    Joseph Quinn is so cute though. He has really kind eyes.
  18. Okay but why didn’t she find him herself on the socials also Google is right there. Not a good look at all.
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